Three Card Monte

I think everyone is familiar with the famous confidence trick that is called three card monte (also known as “find the lady”, the “three card trick” and the “shell game”). It’s been around since the 15th century and is a classic confidence game around the world.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game (and it’s variations with a cup and marble, or shells, the three-card Monte game itself is very simple.

The game works because the mark is concentrating on what the mark wants them to see, while the con is in reality doing what they really want.

We’re being played like marks right now over the shootings in Florida. Stop and think about that for a second before you read on. Think about all the discussions out there right now.  Guns, muslims, gays, immigration, ISIS, you name it.  And it’s all a game.

Don’t feel bad though, because our opponents in the liberal camp are being played too.

Neither side in the so-called war on guns really wants to accomplish their stated goals. It’s a con game to keep us distracted from what they are really doing.

The Republicans have had the White House and the Senate and the House and they have never passed real pro-gun legislation. Bought a full auto lately?  Heck, have you priced a full auto lately?

The Democrats as recently as a few years ago had Obama and the Senate and the House. They didn’t pass gun confiscation legislation either.

It’s a game to keep us distracted.  The Republicans get to scare us with threats of Democrat gun control and we send them money and vote them into office.  For the Democrats, it keeps their rabid base energized to send the Democrats lots of money and get them voted into office.

Heck, even the famous NRA would go broke if real gun rights legislation ever passed into law.

So, how does this lead us to the shootings in Florida?

When things like this happen, I always implore the motto, “follow the money”. Who wins with a shooting of this type?

Obviously, the two political parties do. It’s unlikely that any real legislation will be introduced between now and the election.  Republicans want to be reelected.  Of course Republicans and the NRA are now pushing a “real” bill to keep guns out of the hands of the terrorists.  The Democrats will whine and cry that it isn’t enough but will go along.  Of course once it’s passed and folks want to exercise due process over being on the terrorist watch list, we’ll all be told that national security trumps any legal protections.

And both sides will continue their fund raising.  Republicans to get into office to “fix the bill” (kind of like repealing Obamacare) and Democrats to keep control in place.

There will be much posturing by both parties regarding the shootings.

The Democrats will cry for more legislation, but of course they will beg for money and tell folks that they just need more of them to be voted into office.

The Republicans will cry for more members and reelection so that they can protect gun rights.

This is the con.

The real objective and what will happen while we’re concentrating on the guns is three fold.

First they will demand (and pass and fund) a larger surveillance state to combat terrorism at its root.

Second they will demand (and pass and fund) laws to root out domestic terrorists (sold in the law as going after foreigners that live here in America, but in reality use against Americans).

Finally, increase funding to “attack” ISIS overseas. This may or may not include actual American soldiers, but it will certainly include major funding to the neo-con crowd for the actual “fight”.

Neo-cons from both parties will pass these bills with high numbers. Some of us might actually fall for the con.  We’ll think we are making us safer.  We’ll feel so happy that we got to “keep” our gun rights.

A common belief is that the con may let the mark win a couple of bets to suck them in, but this is virtually never true. In a true Monte scam, the mark will never win a single bet.

Like every mark in the three card monte game, we’re going to lose to our Republican and Democrat con men.



13 thoughts on “Three Card Monte

  1. It’s simple boys and girls; don’t play. Obfuscation comes to mind as it is the oldest debating trick in the book. (Look it up).
    The old 60’s protest sign that said, “What if they gave an war and nobody came?”, can be re-worked to say “What if they gave an election and nobody voted?” I mean NOBODY. To protest against candidates that don’t represent anyone but themselves.


    • The issue is that the other side WILL vote. If you don’t bother to vote, then they get to call the entire dance card.

      If you do vote, you limit the damage they can do, at least a bit.


      • Sorry, we are technologically past the point where “the other side” actually needs human voters, living or dead. They can create all they need, or at least enough to ensure victory in any race.

        “Other side” in quotes because it is now the Uniparty of Janus…two faces with one head and mind.


  2. …funny but this is almost exactly what I posted on another site with the illustration of a ‘magic’ trick being played. My take is that the game is probably bigger that what you supposed – more along the lines of tying up loose ends of the financial and political systems (both here and abroad). The background noise is increasing both in tempo and loudness – everything is a ‘crisis’ and with each new ‘crisis’ the distraction becomes greater. ALWAYS follow the money and if you can not, then the magicians are at work …………


  3. basically, there is no longer a two party system (if there ever really was one). democrats are indistinguishable from republicans. they’re all in it for the money, or more importantly, the power. fuck the constituents, tell the rubes what they wanna hear, get into office, keep getting re-elected on the same tired old lies, keep that gravy train rolling. sadly, they’re going to find out that when the new boss hits the scene most of them will suffer the same fate us poor ol’ proles will. life (what’s left of it anyways) in the camps.


  4. I read once that if voting accomplished anything it would be illegal. So right. Voting hasn’t done anything in a very long time. Just look at all the corrupt voting, from “stuck chad” to outright fraud. But the citizen goes on believing in the “magic” of democracy. The U.S moved away from a democracy almost before the ink was dry on the Declaration of Independency. Having professional politicians was the beginning and the ending.
    Go on and participate in the grand sham , I’ll do something fruitful, like work in the garden.




  6. Well, sounds good, except for the fact that several state governments have already outlawed AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity magazines. This is a constitutional law because, as NY governor Andrew Cuomo said it, “No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer”. His law limited citizens to a maximum of SEVEN rounds in a magazine! The courts feel that this is constitutional because citizens in these states “Have other avenues to second amendment enjoyment”!

    In case nobody noticed – In the progressive socialist alternate reality politically correct totalitarian state – OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE MEANINGLESS!


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