Words Have Meanings Part One

There have been a lot of heated discussions on the blogs in the past few months regarding the role of former active duty soldiers in the upcoming war games.  Many of the discussions were based on the Jedburgh Academy that Sam is trying to form as another revenue stream.

Some of the discussions raised the ire of folks who have organized militias around the US.

Everyone who wrote the original articles regarding the role of the soldiers was right.

Everyone who commented, defending the militias was right.

And it doesn’t matter.

We in the III community need to seriously discuss what role we see in the upcoming games.  For the sake of this discussion, let’s ignore the “names” we want to call our groups and discuss the “roles” that are envisioned.

There seem to be three schools of thought about this:

  1. Some seem to think that we will all fall in and form some sort of nationwide revolutionary army.  Sam clearly sees himself as the next unarmed George Washington.
  2. Yet others see themselves as some sort of resistance fighters in a semi-organized underground force.
  3. Some seem to think they will become some sort of home defense force protecting their neighborhood and ally with other like minded folks in a sort of community defense force.

A nationwide revolutionary army seems very unfeasible.  Despite the calls for “reestablishing rightful liberty” from many in our camps, there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on what that really means from a pragmatic standpoint.  Although rightful liberty is a subject for a different blog entry, I will proffer that reestablishing rightful liberty is a concept with no meaning seeing as I can find no time in America’s history where we really had rightful liberty as we would all attempt to define it.

Without consensus, there will be no national leader or national campaigns.

Without consensus, there will be no masses to convince and get support from.

It might happen as some reestablishment of a society evolves, but it won’t happen as part of some national effort to reform our country.

Resistance fighters may be more feasible.  Many suggest that the upcoming war games will see many of the elements of 4th generation warfare.  While we may see more of the features used against us (some would say that many of them are currently being used against us), certainly many of the tactics can apply to resistance type fighters.

Assuming that this is the idea of a Jedburgh type organization, let’s look at the feasibility of that.  Algiers Base was the American primary site for independent OSS operations in Western Europe.  Let’s look at the minimum amount of supplies that they stocked at Algiers Base:

For the Base Staff:

  • Six months of rations
  • Field equipment for 80 men
  • Equipment for a HQ, a radio station and a training school

For Forces that they planned to train (for each force they planned to train!):

  • 2000 Thompson SMGs with one million rounds
  • 1000 .38 pistols with 50,000 rounds
  • 40,000 hand grenades
  • 500 land mines
  • 2000 hunting knives
  • 1500 compasses
  • 5000 sets of boots, underclothes, shirts and slacks

For the Operational Groups

  • 300 9mm SMGs
  • 4 Bren guns with 5000 rounds
  • 500 fighting knives
  • 30000 packets of plastic explosives
  • Equipment for field radio stations (permanent and temporary)
  • 500 parachutes and jump suits

And a fully equipped training school!

And this is just a short list of major items!  The equipment for the forces they planned to train were for EACH force!  The Jedburghs not only had large amounts of supplies, they had the ability to move it and resupply their forces via airdrop.  The sheer logistics of a modern Jedburgh type organization suggests that the concept is flawed at best and an incredible waste of time at worst.

Part 2 will discuss the home defense force

Sam’s At It Again – The Long History

Sam is up to his old social justice warrior scheme again.  He decries those who use this strategy, but continues to use it at will.

Quite frankly, we don’t really care if that’s what he wants to do.  It’s his life and his business.  He’s not important enough for us to care about his lifestyle.

However, we do care when:

  • Unknowing folks fall for his gift of gab.
  • Good friends are ashamed to wear III patches and stuff because they are embarrassed by how Sam has damaged the brand.
  • Sam goes on his tirades and attacks good folks for no other reason than they have questioned “he who shall not be questioned”.
  • Patriots are coming to the conclusion that the III movement is not worth being part of anymore.

Sam is quick to point out the public’s perception of the III movement, but too naïve to recognize that his actions promote the negative connotations.

But, perhaps that’s his goal.

Nothing personal, but Sam doesn’t get to decide who is a III percenter.

To hear Sam tell it, anyone who is not a sycophant of Sam is somehow evil.  Sam claims that his detractors are dangerous, but we know from his years of blogs that folks he considers evil need to be put on a short list and killed.

I don’t know anyone who has ever said that Sam and Holly need to be killed.

We’ve said this before, but obviously it bears repeating:

Sam is not the III movement.

Sam might be a III percenter, and Sam might support the cause.

But the III is not Sam Kerodin. 

Disagreeing with Sam and his goals is not questioning the III movement.

It’s disagreeing with Sam.

Rightful liberty has never included the notion that people needed to blindly follow the III King.  Why would anyone want to change Obama for Kerodin?

Contrary to Sam’s assertions, I don’t believe that there are people who do not want the III to be a serious component of the Liberty Forces.

I do believe that there are people who don’t want Sam & Holly to be any component (serious or not) of the Liberty Forces.

But Sam & Holly believe that they are THE component of the Liberty Forces.

For a while, I believed that the Kerodins were in this only for the money. I’m not so sure now.  Oh, I do believe that they are still looking for that “magical something” that will make them rich.  A look at their pattern of businesses over the years reveals that.

When they lived on Meem Avenue in Gaithersburg, they had no less than 23 different businesses registered to that address!  23!

For someone who claims to be “living the III life” and “fully committed” it’s interesting that seven of them are listed as active.  Not III ventures.  Things like Capital Lifestyle (that sure brings up all sorts of visions)!

At another address in Rockville they had another six businesses.

Again, Auto Mag Company is listed as active.

And how did these work out?

Maryland lists 12 different liens and judgments in Silver Spring, Montgomery and Rockville counties.  Don’t trust me.  Click here: http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/casesearch/inquirySearchParam.jis and type Kerodin in the last name block.  Try it again with Christian Hyman.

If you try Christian Hyman, you’ll find another judgment for $1960.23.

Christian Kerodin has a $6100 lien against him.

Holly Kerodin had suits against her for $24,513.78 that were all dismissed without prejudice.  The court records show that they didn’t go to court and when they were served; the service folks reported that “the renter wasn’t home”.  Companies like Yellow Book Sales & Distribution, Midland Funding, American Express and Citibank.  These cases were closed because the Kerodins had moved out of the jurisdiction of the Maryland courts.

In Idaho they have no less than 17 businesses and/or DBAs registered.

They must be running low on funds because they are using Name Cheap to register domain names now.  Despite trying to protect their names, we’ve found 122 domain names registered; most of which are not current Kerodin ventures, but obviously on the list of future ventures.  They are associated with 125 other domain names!  247 domain names?  I guess they are getting lazy now.  Back in the day when they were peddling Wench Magazine, they were bragging to one of their detractors that they had over 500 domain names!

Of course you would have thought they had learned their lessons with registering a bunch of domain names and not actually using them.  In the Servicemaster lawsuit, they tried to sue Servicemaster for using domain names that were similar to what they had registered.  The judge called it domain squatting in an attempt to extort businesses.

Let’s look at some of these “new” domain names.

BenewahTeaParty.com;                  Commando.Academy;

IdahoPrepperExpo.com;                  IIIMechanized.com;

IIINationalGazette.com;                 IIIPress.com;

IIITigerStripe.com;                         IIITOC.com;

LibertyMountain.Camp;                   PatriotPrepper.Supplies;

RubiconEvent.com (AKA  Kerodina Press);

ThreatCon.US;                               PaxKerodina.com;

III.Vodka;                                      FifthEstate.media

What’s interesting is that most of these do not have actual web pages; they are merely kept off the market.  Perhaps for future use, or perhaps for domain squatting.

Sam is big on proclaiming that he is a lover of liberty.  That he is the one and only serious III.  That he is a true Patriot.

He threatens death to all who don’t fit his idea of rightful liberty.

If his model for restoring rightful liberty is the only one, then count me out.

He has a track record of lying.  Look at the record of III Arms for the easiest example.  Sure things went wrong and sure things are happening again.  The stories he tells about Jim Miller clearly don’t match the documented history of III Arms as documented with audio and digital reconds.  He clearly designed the III Percent Society to cash in big with awesome salaries for him and his wife.  He never got the salaries because the Society never got very big.  But of course his story that he never got a salary is only true because the Society never amounted to much.

Their word clearly isn’t their bond.  Skipping out on lawsuits to escape regional jurisdiction is a neat legal ploy.  But with that said, a debt is a debt.  It doesn’t matter if a court convicts you.  You owe it, no matter what the jurisdiction.  That’s called integrity.

He’s been conning folks for decades.  There comes a time where honest mistakes become patterns of misconduct.  Who creates that many different HVAC companies at the same time unless you are trying to deceive folks?  Who creates that many different web sites unless you aren’t committed to a single cause and are taking the shotgun approach to find something that might work?

The world is full of folks who take advantage of folks.  Heck, many of them become elected officials.  I just don’t want to see the damage to the cause I love and believe in.  I hate to see folks hiding from the III brand because they believe he’s brought so much discredit to it.  I’m hoping that he finds his Harold Hill moment someday before it hurts him.

If he is inside your perimeter, can you really trust him to be on your side?

So, what are Sam and Holly really up to?  Stay tuned for the next posting.