Are We Trying to Start a War with China AND Russia?

Russia is building network of ties with disgruntled US allies in Asia

Imperceptibly though, Russia is certainly on course to building a chain of positive relations, if not strategic alliances, in the region surrounding it.The North-South Transport Corridor involves the use of marine, rail and road transportWhile the West and its strong allies in the region see the move as part of Russia’s “expansionism”, others view it as the Russian way of counterbalancing the U.S. position in the region.Moscow is providing a number of erstwhile U.S. allies the much needed alternative to diversify their foreign policies. This diversification is visible across the region.For instance, countries including India and Afghanistan have started supporting China’s stance on South China Sea.

Russia’s engagement with countries in the region implies, at least in theory,  far less dependence for them on the U.S. and its fragile commitment to their security — a commitment Washington did not adhere to in the Middle East.


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