Are We Trying to Start a War with China AND Russia?

Russia is building network of ties with disgruntled US allies in Asia

Imperceptibly though, Russia is certainly on course to building a chain of positive relations, if not strategic alliances, in the region surrounding it.The North-South Transport Corridor involves the use of marine, rail and road transportWhile the West and its strong allies in the region see the move as part of Russia’s “expansionism”, others view it as the Russian way of counterbalancing the U.S. position in the region.Moscow is providing a number of erstwhile U.S. allies the much needed alternative to diversify their foreign policies. This diversification is visible across the region.For instance, countries including India and Afghanistan have started supporting China’s stance on South China Sea.

Russia’s engagement with countries in the region implies, at least in theory,  far less dependence for them on the U.S. and its fragile commitment to their security — a commitment Washington did not adhere to in the Middle East.


Russia Refuses to Sell Tanks to Iran

Russia is constantly accused in the West of only pursuing its own selfish interests in the world, particularly in the Middle East. However, if that were true, then, particularly now that US-imposed sanctions are hurting them economically, one would expect them to sell arms to any country that asks for them. Russia is, however, refusing to sell its sophisticated T-90 tank to Iran.

No Tanks to Iran

SJWs In Our Midst

I am really trying to ignore Sam Kerodin.  I don’t think he’s worth our time.  I’ve been pretty light on posting, but promise over the next few weeks to post more often, with a lot of useful information for those of us that really matter.

Yesterday’s blog entry by Sam went beyond his usual “you can’t make this up funny” to “truly bizarre”.  So, I have to comment.

I guess that Scammy really is the ultimate Social Justice Warrior (SJW). Somehow he believes that if he says stuff over and over and over, folks will either believe him or ignore the reality of Scammy’s history.

Today’s blog is a perfect case in point. The stuff in italics is his stuff.

When you publicly declare a goal in the name of Liberty and in the names of Patriots, you’d better damned well be certain that goal can be attained and that YOU have the balls to see it through, however rough it may get, until you succeed or die – or both.

When you fail because your goal was not attainable, you taint us all.

Do you suppose the Citadel counts in this category? Or the short bus? Or his physical threats to folks? Or the Jedburgers? Or the Society?

If you fail because you are bested by OpFor, that can be forgiven. But when you fail because your goal was not realistic or you personally do not possess the grit and mettle necessary to see it to successful completion, then you paint us all with the same brush of failure.

Sorry, but Scammy’s failures don’t paint me with any brush of failure or success.

If you publicly declare that you and an armed group of fellow Patriots intend to enter and occupy Room X of State Capitol Y and you are met – INSIDE THE BUILDING – by nothing more than 2 old, locked wooden doors and you do not proceed to achieve your stated goal – that is an Epic Failure of grit and mettle. If you publicly declare such things as ‘…not one more inch…’ and you surrender your firearm during a traffic stop and then proceed to pay the State to exercise your God-given 2A Rights – that is an Epic Failure of grit and mettle.

Such failures are either the work of idiots or collaborators. Either way, the prudent Patriot stands clear.

The stated policy on this blog for years: Take no action that does not degrade the will or the ability of your Enemy to wage war.

If you can’t do X, or won’t do X when the time comes, don’t run your mouth about doing X.

How does III Bling degrade the will or ability of our enemies? III playing cards? Vandalism stickers? Caccolube? Garrotes?

A simple trivia question: Are we more free or less free since the introduction of Scammy to the liberty movement? Does that make him a failure? Has Scammy taught one person how to reload a bullet, can a quart of meat or vegetables, sew one stitch in a wound, explain to one person the difference between cover and concealment, explained what dead space is and how to exploit it? And the list goes on. Belt buckle range fighting works when your forces outnumber your enemies and you don’t care if your forces die in the process.

Pretty simple stuff.

Intellectual Honesty is a commodity I have found lacking in the online III world with far too many people. If you claim to be a III Patriot, that means you support individual Liberty and swear to your God to defend that Liberty.  If you claim to be a III Patriot and you claim that taxation is theft – yet your paycheck or medical bills are paid by taxes, you are not being honest – intellectually or otherwise.  If you bed-down with a person who accepts the tax dollars stolen from other Americans, that is not honesty in any form.

With Scammy, I’m not asking for intellectual honesty. Simple honesty would be a good start.

These are not the actions of III Patriots.

These are the actions of hypocrites and liars. Parasites.  Genetic filth.

This is all simple stuff.

The Liberty Movement is, sadly, crowded with the mentally unhinged.

(Souls who may be easily offended should stop reading now.)

When you run your mouth that your stated goal is to run someone out of the III – you’d better be III enough to get the job done – or you are merely a cunt. Take Vienna, or you are a cunt.

My goal was to get everything in the open so people could make a smart decision. Mission accomplished I think.

When you claim someone has behaved immorally or criminally, prove it or you are a cunt.

I guess the Clinton/Obama tactic of deny, deny, deny works for him. Or he hopes so.

When you get punked by a simple court hearing, you are a cunt.

Is he finally admitting something here?

When you cash your State or FedGov paycheck for a job that is not Constitutionally mandated, you are a cunt.

So, everyone in the Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, etc., is a “cunt”?

When you promise to build weapons for Patriots and then abandon that promise, you are a cunt.

Is III Arms making guns yet?  Last time I looked they were still announcing that order acceptance would resume soon.  And that was many months ago.

When you let your ‘invalid’ wife take stolen tax dollars from hard-working Americans and take the sow zip-lining, you are a cunt.

What about hiding behind the Akita whisperer in lawsuits or even in owning all his ventures because he can’t own them?

When you try to call out a hit on someone with White Supremacists, get it done or you are a cunt.

Spoken as the guy who moved from Maryland to a city that is 91.4% white with 3 black people, 12 Asians and 15 American Indians.

When you sneak out of a state – you are a cunt.

As opposed to running out of the state to avoid judgments on credit card and other bills? Or not selling the house you never owned?

When you pose with all your Tacti-Cool gear you are a diva – and a cunt.

But blue guns are ok. The guy wouldn’t know the difference between real gear and tacti-cool gear if you held a gun to his head.

If you are Michael Shell and try to hide behind aliases as a sooper-spy, you are a cunt.

But becoming Sam Kerodin after release from the Federal Pen or becoming Courtland Grojean when you wanted to destroy a man’s career is OK?  Or Sam Kerrilion?  How about the 165 blogs/web pages?  Yeah, that’s not a typo.  His words, not mine!

When you break a promise to a Patriot that you do not have to break, you are a cunt.

When you are afraid to walk up to a man and handle your business – you are a cunt.

Scammy, come on down. Whoops he won’t. He’d rather call the law on you with false statements of violence. Or have your wife sue you.

If you are not willing to speak the truth when you know it – you are a cunt.

He’s safe on this one. He doesn’t know the truth if it was staring him in the face.

There are too many cunts masquerading as ‘Patriots’ in America.

It will only take a few serious III Patriots to Take Vienna – to win Rightful Liberty a proper place on our continent. Six men per state in 3-man teams.  I wonder if we really have the numbers…

What is stopping him? Maybe he can’t find four others in Idaho that will go with him.

’nuff said.

Do We Really Believe in America?

Recently a blog entry entitled Tom, Dick and Harry went viral around the III websites. A self entitled “parable” it makes the point that only some of those who proclaim themselves to be patriots really are.  It goes on to describe their example of what being worthy of being called such really means.

I see a lot of that in our movement.

Many believe that being a lover of freedom isn’t enough.

There are some of the more well-known tactical trainers that go so far as to proclaim that without their training, folks just won’t make it. Or that once people get their special training, they’ve got to buy and use the trainers  “special” gear and equipment.

I particularly get amused by the folks who advertise that their stuff is only for the “serious” III%er.

Some in our movement consistently belittle anyone who isn’t a sycophant of theirs. Others call for the “elimination” of anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

You read daily of folks providing training (for a fee of course) that is the magical, special, must have training that will make you an authentic member of the III% club.

I call BS on all of them.

At a time where our numbers seem to be smaller than ever, we should be accentuating our similarities, not our differences. Many complain that they can’t find a group to join their “tribe”.  Maybe the problem is yours, not the ones that won’t join your tribe.

I spent many years in the Army. I was in units that would be described as the “best of the best” and units that were populated by the category 4 soldiers that the army recruited in the old days.  Every one of these units had the so-called “studs” and the so-called “duds”.  Every one.  Even the best ones have duds and even the worst one have studs.  And yet, clever leaders found a way to motivate and get something out of every one of those who volunteered to serve.

In WWII, England formed a 1.5 million member home guard force, entirely made up of people who were determined to be ineligible for military service (at the height of WWII, it took a lot to be considered ineligible). Old folks, handicapped folks, women, etc.  The Home Guard even had a number of secret roles that included sabotage units who would disable factories and petrol installations following invasion. Members were also recruited into the commando teams of the Auxiliary Units.  Old folks, handicapped folks, women, etc.

Due to logistical issues, they weren’t even all armed!

And we want to proclaim that there is a magical standard that people who believe in freedom must ascribe to?

No one would deny that you need doctors in a hospital.   Yet, even the candy-stripers have a role.  Infections are a huge problem in most modern hospitals.  No one in the medical field belittles the role of the janitors and others who are responsible for sanitation.

We need to stop denigrating and belittling those who come to our cause just because they aren’t exactly like us. Figure out why you claim to be a III%er, lover of freedom, patriot, you name it.  At that point, decide if folks are more like you than dislike you.  Embrace all who are more like you than against you.

Just because someone doesn’t believe exactly what you believe doesn’t make them evil.

We like to say that we make up 3% of our society. I’d suggest that the truly evil in our society are about the same percentage as us.  The rest can all be won over.

Until you demonstrate to me that you are in the evil 3% I see you as a potential ally. Potential allies become real allies based on us, not on them.

I understand that it’s an uphill battle. We have a society where the evil are smarter than we are and consistently demonize us, demonize what we believe in and denigrate all that we hold dear.  However, it’s hard to for people to hate us if they know us.

Americans are seeing this right now. Ignore the characters of Trump and Sanders for a moment and see what they represent.  They represent a citizenry that is finally fed up with the out of control crony government that we’ve grown into.

The time is ripe for us to grow our numbers exponentially.

Now is not the time to come up with purity standards, contrived litmus tests and other efforts to determine who are “serious” patriots.