Should We Vote?

I try to avoid discussing politics. Our society is so divided right now, that it doesn’t even meet the definition of a society.

By definition, a society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent, in order to deliberate, determine, and act jointly for some common purpose.  What unites us?  How are we able to deliberate, determine and act jointly?  What is America’s common purpose?

I am actually very excited about the Presidential elections.  Before everyone stops reading this blog in disgust, please indulge me and let me explain.

Ignore for a moment the actual candidates and concentrate on the messages that they represent.

At the beginning, both the Democrats and the Republicans had chosen their “anointed” heirs to the presidency. The Democrats anointed Hillary Clinton, and the Republicans anointed Jeb Bush.

And then something exciting happened. The American people actually voted to choose someone else!

The Bernie supporters were outraged with the Democrat machine! If the Democrats didn’t have a rigged system with their “super delegates” then Hillary would have lost.

The Republicans weren’t so clever (you can bet that they will fix that going forward). Donald Trump won the nomination over 15 other Republicans, all on the back of voters who raged against the machine.

And the attacks went viral. Trump may be a bad messenger and hence they are attacking him.  In reality, they are attacking those of us who despise the machine.  Both parties are scared to death that our votes might actually make a difference.

The easiest example of my argument is the reaction to the wikileaks emails. They clearly show the democrats for the machine protection party that they are and go into painful detail how the democrats work to further themselves and ignore the people.  You’d think that these emails would go viral in every republican candidate’s campaign.  What you see is the opposite.  A sitting Senior Republican Senator is actively pushing the argument that the republicans need to ignore the leaked emails because, “they might release emails that implicate us”.

Both parties currently exist to protect the machine and extend it’s power… our cost.

We can debate over and over again who might be better in their actual policy decisions.

This election is not about potential policy decisions.

This election is about we the people versus the political machine.

This might be the only chance we have in our lifetime to see behind the screen and see our politicians for what they are.

The system has been rigged against “we the people” for a long time. Both parties have counted on us as groups and ignored us at best as individuals (and vilified us at worst).

Quite frankly, I am supporting Donald Trump merely for his potential to destroy the machine.

I like his current stand on the constitution, abortion, guns, and foreign intervention. I see these as bonus issues.

There is only one choice to be made in November. You either vote for Hillary (or stay home or vote third party) to maintain the machine, or you vote for Trump to take on the machine.