Judge Napolitano Nails It

This is a perfect lead in to our next post.

No Fly, No Buy’ Means No Freedom

The people in the government who want to control our personal choices are the enemies of freedom. And the enemies of freedom can be very clever and seductive.

Last week, these folks, manifesting their lust to keep us dependent upon the government by rejecting the natural right to self-defense, coined a clever phrase: “No fly, no buy.” It sounds rational, yet it rejects core American values.

The phrase was pounded home to average Americans during a one-sided 15-hour televised marathon on the floor of the Senate orchestrated by the gun control crowd. The essence of the argument was that stricter laws regarding gun sales would have prevented the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. In gun control advocates’ dream world, the self-loathing Islamic State-inspired killer, willing to take 49 innocent lives, would somehow have been unwilling to violate restrictive gun purchase laws; and his obedience to those laws would have saved lives.

Their argument is naive and absurd. A person willing to commit mass murder is surely willing to break the law to acquire the means to commit the murders. So blinded were these senators in their misguided utterances about self-defense that they forgot about the Constitution.  (click link on top to read the whole thing)

5 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano Nails It

  1. When Trump becomes president, the first thing that he should do is nominate Andrew Napolitano to the supreme court.



  2. He gets it wrong though in saying that they are naive, misguided, blinded… They aren’t any of those what they are is devious, cunning, and evil…Just because he can’t see past the sheep’s clothing doesn’t mean that the wolf is not there…He is the blind and naive one or he is in on the Con…


    • I think what he is saying (not to put words in anyone’s mouth) is that most of our opponents really are “useful idiots”. Yeah there are the leaders of the opposition who are what you say, but they really are a smaller number than we think. They just are being willingly used. Our real opponents are really good at using the educational system, social media, and the media to stir emotional responses. Reason is a rare item these days.


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