George Patton 325

Who knew there were 324 George Pattons before me.

The killer quote from the movie sums up the purpose of this page:

All glory is fleeting.

3 thoughts on “George Patton 325

  1. So who are you personally or is this a group of people… You want transparency from the Kerodins and I can understand that but who are you and what is your motives…You say you want to help the III so besides this blog which is a toss up on helping the III what have you done to make a difference…


    • Why does who I am matter to the argument? Do you want to argue the points I’ve made or attack me for presenting them? It doesn’t serve the cause right now for me to go public. I have too many other irons in the fire, and one thing I’ve found about Sam and his followers, they go pretty viral about attacking those who question them. Perhaps spend some time attacking the points made instead of the person who made them. We’ve probably met. We’ve been at a lot of the same places at the same time. Right now it doesn’t help us to detract from my other blogs and webpages.


      • Because for words to have meaning and worth especially when you are attacking you have to know who is speaking… I don’t see where I was attacking you by asking questions but I guess if you took it that way then I apologise… I just want the truth and it seems from everyone these days there is always an agenda to push…That is why I ask questions and like to know who I’m talking with…


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