My Most Serious Post Ever

Well, the blog has been quiet for a while.

No great reasons other than prepping, classes, training and of course the biggest drain, work.

The kids came down on Easter break and we had our first “serious” talk about the upcoming troubles. I say first, but only from the perspective of the daughter and her new husband. Our daughter was brought up the right way and understood all that we talked about. I think the son in law got his eyes opened.

Well there is a pattern of behavior right now on the part of Sammy that has the potential to put us liberty lovers in the cross hairs of “big gov.”

You all know that this blog started back in the days when Sammy was riding high in his scams. He’s no longer riding high since we provided the best solvent to despots – transparency. He’s been a lot quieter now that he’s lost his legions of supporters. Folks who saw the light.

We visit his web page from time to time, mostly for the humor factor. The guy’s antics truly are funny and oh so predictable. Sadly for him, he’s down to the two to three sycophants that haven’t seen the light and actually write comments. We all know that’s never stopped him in the past, and he continues to write his own “anonymous” comments so that he can comment back.

Lately though we’ve seen a change.

A brief history. Sammy started by acting as a sycophant to Mike Vanderboegh over at Sipsey Street Irregulars. Once he figured he had the lingo down, Sammy made a very public break with Mike and went after Mike’s supporters. Sammy realized very quickly that the typical Mike crowd was very quick to call “foul” and ask for real bonafides.

Sammy also realized that there were at lot of folks out there that were itching for a fight. Not looking for local preps and training, but looking to take the fight to some enemy. And Sammy fulfilled their needs with tales of adventure and evilness. Sadly for Sam, that crowd didn’t have a lot of disposable cash!

I think he’s gone over the edge – perhaps on purpose or perhaps he’s losing his mind.

If you went to any of the early Patcons, you saw that he realized that there was a different audience that sucked up to him.  It was the younger folks that just wanted to kill something.  They rallied to him like he was some sort of god.  It was almost embarrassing to watch.  But then he offered something that Mike didn’t.  Mike preached prepare and principles.  Sammy preached kill someone.

Sammy rode that horse hard.  The more hardcore he could create himself to be, the more those folks sucked up.  Sadly for him, that was a crowd that didn’t have a lot of money.  His appeals to wealthier folks were based on his charm and his “shadowy” past.  He convinced folks that he was the gentleman mercenary.

This worked for a while.

And then our efforts showed that the emperor had no clothes.

So now we’re at today.

If his going over the edge is on purpose, then he’s just doubling down to try and get back the crowds that he used to have.

If he’s really lost it, then I think he’s become a danger to himself and others.  He’s always advocated killing folks.

Now he’s manufacturing and selling devices to decapitate folks and offering instruction on how to do it.

His stickers were annoying but pretty much harmless.  Now he’s selling stuff that will destroy motors.

Ok, maybe it’s just more bluster to pump up his ego.

But then he announces a fund raiser to raise $10, 000 to go to the Republican Convention with the missing in action short bus and report to his supporters.

Is this just more bluster to gather money for his lifestyle, or is he inciting something else?

I was always concerned with his antics. But now I am genuinely alarmed. Most of us in the III movement recognize what he is up to and have disassociated ourselves from him.

To those who don’t know about the III movement, he still represents a face of our movement. If his current endeavors lead to either an actual strike or even worse if his comments incite someone to take some sort of action, the lovers of liberty will lose in a big way. The retaliation by “big gov” will be swift and brutal. This is an election year.  Reason will succumb to emotion very quickly.  We will all be painted with the brush of treasonous terrorism.

Sammy needs to be stopped now.