American discontent stems from the pretense of caring

One of the best commentaries on what’s  happening right now in America.  He’s a foreigner, and he notes that our problems aren’t unique to the US.  This is a very good read.

“If we can prevent the Government from wasting the labor of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy,” Thomas Jefferson said.

The last few decades in the US showed that the “we” Jefferson referred to were not successful achieving this goal.

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One thought on “American discontent stems from the pretense of caring

  1. Before we used to keep track of every statistic about our own species, we spent most of our time staying warm, feeding ourselves, praying we didn’t starve, freeze, or die of thirst and disease. During the last Great depression, this was a daily struggle and accepted with rigor and fortitude. Now we have news stories on whether sex with a robot will be better than with a real human. Interesting, wouldn’t you say? I still chop wood, grow food, raise livestock and it all kicks my aging butt. But I plan on surviving like my ancestors did, that’s why we are still here. So keep counting, I’m sure you’ll feel better, for a while. Sempre Avanti


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