Russia Refuses to Sell Tanks to Iran

Russia is constantly accused in the West of only pursuing its own selfish interests in the world, particularly in the Middle East. However, if that were true, then, particularly now that US-imposed sanctions are hurting them economically, one would expect them to sell arms to any country that asks for them. Russia is, however, refusing to sell its sophisticated T-90 tank to Iran.

No Tanks to Iran

One thought on “Russia Refuses to Sell Tanks to Iran

  1. They aren’t going to be selling the T-90 to anyone for awhile.

    Currently, the tech. advantage of the T-90 is proving to be decisive in combat. Read up on their usage in the fighting in the Ukraine. When committed to battle, they have proven tactically decisive every time and Ukrainian crews opposing them in T-80s have been unable to knock a single one out.

    They also have an active counter-ATGM system in addition to ERA that has Ukrainian AT-5 gunners scratching their heads.

    If they sold any to Iran, it would only be a matter of time before NATO had some information from 1st-hand technical inspection.


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