SJWs In Our Midst

I am really trying to ignore Sam Kerodin.  I don’t think he’s worth our time.  I’ve been pretty light on posting, but promise over the next few weeks to post more often, with a lot of useful information for those of us that really matter.

Yesterday’s blog entry by Sam went beyond his usual “you can’t make this up funny” to “truly bizarre”.  So, I have to comment.

I guess that Scammy really is the ultimate Social Justice Warrior (SJW). Somehow he believes that if he says stuff over and over and over, folks will either believe him or ignore the reality of Scammy’s history.

Today’s blog is a perfect case in point. The stuff in italics is his stuff.

When you publicly declare a goal in the name of Liberty and in the names of Patriots, you’d better damned well be certain that goal can be attained and that YOU have the balls to see it through, however rough it may get, until you succeed or die – or both.

When you fail because your goal was not attainable, you taint us all.

Do you suppose the Citadel counts in this category? Or the short bus? Or his physical threats to folks? Or the Jedburgers? Or the Society?

If you fail because you are bested by OpFor, that can be forgiven. But when you fail because your goal was not realistic or you personally do not possess the grit and mettle necessary to see it to successful completion, then you paint us all with the same brush of failure.

Sorry, but Scammy’s failures don’t paint me with any brush of failure or success.

If you publicly declare that you and an armed group of fellow Patriots intend to enter and occupy Room X of State Capitol Y and you are met – INSIDE THE BUILDING – by nothing more than 2 old, locked wooden doors and you do not proceed to achieve your stated goal – that is an Epic Failure of grit and mettle. If you publicly declare such things as ‘…not one more inch…’ and you surrender your firearm during a traffic stop and then proceed to pay the State to exercise your God-given 2A Rights – that is an Epic Failure of grit and mettle.

Such failures are either the work of idiots or collaborators. Either way, the prudent Patriot stands clear.

The stated policy on this blog for years: Take no action that does not degrade the will or the ability of your Enemy to wage war.

If you can’t do X, or won’t do X when the time comes, don’t run your mouth about doing X.

How does III Bling degrade the will or ability of our enemies? III playing cards? Vandalism stickers? Caccolube? Garrotes?

A simple trivia question: Are we more free or less free since the introduction of Scammy to the liberty movement? Does that make him a failure? Has Scammy taught one person how to reload a bullet, can a quart of meat or vegetables, sew one stitch in a wound, explain to one person the difference between cover and concealment, explained what dead space is and how to exploit it? And the list goes on. Belt buckle range fighting works when your forces outnumber your enemies and you don’t care if your forces die in the process.

Pretty simple stuff.

Intellectual Honesty is a commodity I have found lacking in the online III world with far too many people. If you claim to be a III Patriot, that means you support individual Liberty and swear to your God to defend that Liberty.  If you claim to be a III Patriot and you claim that taxation is theft – yet your paycheck or medical bills are paid by taxes, you are not being honest – intellectually or otherwise.  If you bed-down with a person who accepts the tax dollars stolen from other Americans, that is not honesty in any form.

With Scammy, I’m not asking for intellectual honesty. Simple honesty would be a good start.

These are not the actions of III Patriots.

These are the actions of hypocrites and liars. Parasites.  Genetic filth.

This is all simple stuff.

The Liberty Movement is, sadly, crowded with the mentally unhinged.

(Souls who may be easily offended should stop reading now.)

When you run your mouth that your stated goal is to run someone out of the III – you’d better be III enough to get the job done – or you are merely a cunt. Take Vienna, or you are a cunt.

My goal was to get everything in the open so people could make a smart decision. Mission accomplished I think.

When you claim someone has behaved immorally or criminally, prove it or you are a cunt.

I guess the Clinton/Obama tactic of deny, deny, deny works for him. Or he hopes so.

When you get punked by a simple court hearing, you are a cunt.

Is he finally admitting something here?

When you cash your State or FedGov paycheck for a job that is not Constitutionally mandated, you are a cunt.

So, everyone in the Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, etc., is a “cunt”?

When you promise to build weapons for Patriots and then abandon that promise, you are a cunt.

Is III Arms making guns yet?  Last time I looked they were still announcing that order acceptance would resume soon.  And that was many months ago.

When you let your ‘invalid’ wife take stolen tax dollars from hard-working Americans and take the sow zip-lining, you are a cunt.

What about hiding behind the Akita whisperer in lawsuits or even in owning all his ventures because he can’t own them?

When you try to call out a hit on someone with White Supremacists, get it done or you are a cunt.

Spoken as the guy who moved from Maryland to a city that is 91.4% white with 3 black people, 12 Asians and 15 American Indians.

When you sneak out of a state – you are a cunt.

As opposed to running out of the state to avoid judgments on credit card and other bills? Or not selling the house you never owned?

When you pose with all your Tacti-Cool gear you are a diva – and a cunt.

But blue guns are ok. The guy wouldn’t know the difference between real gear and tacti-cool gear if you held a gun to his head.

If you are Michael Shell and try to hide behind aliases as a sooper-spy, you are a cunt.

But becoming Sam Kerodin after release from the Federal Pen or becoming Courtland Grojean when you wanted to destroy a man’s career is OK?  Or Sam Kerrilion?  How about the 165 blogs/web pages?  Yeah, that’s not a typo.  His words, not mine!

When you break a promise to a Patriot that you do not have to break, you are a cunt.

When you are afraid to walk up to a man and handle your business – you are a cunt.

Scammy, come on down. Whoops he won’t. He’d rather call the law on you with false statements of violence. Or have your wife sue you.

If you are not willing to speak the truth when you know it – you are a cunt.

He’s safe on this one. He doesn’t know the truth if it was staring him in the face.

There are too many cunts masquerading as ‘Patriots’ in America.

It will only take a few serious III Patriots to Take Vienna – to win Rightful Liberty a proper place on our continent. Six men per state in 3-man teams.  I wonder if we really have the numbers…

What is stopping him? Maybe he can’t find four others in Idaho that will go with him.

’nuff said.


17 thoughts on “SJWs In Our Midst

  1. Wow! So much material to comment on, so where to begin. I think I’ll just touch on a few key points, since most of his drivel is what we normally skim off the top of a molten pot of bullet lead. His use if the term “Genetic Filth” sure does sound Hitlerian, doesn’t it? If we follow his implication that genetics dictate worth, what does that mean we should do? Use crime statistics maybe? Next point, he said this “When you run your mouth that your stated goal is to run someone out of the III – you’d better be III enough to get the job done – or you are merely a. If the allowable time for completion of the above. stated goal gets the same anount of time allowed to show progress for the. “citadel”, and the “short bus” actually.being constructed or operational, I’m sure we are right on schedule. If “Pink Hands, Blue Guns” (his Indian name) thinks calling. people “cunts” is an effective fighting technique, he really did study ” Who Flung Poo” from Master Bates of the I’mitchima clan. He’s definitely received his 10th degree Brown Belt in that. BTW, I guess Rothco is his “go to” tactical gear designer. Go suck on your P-35 blue gun pacifier Scambo. I bet the chew marks make resale impossible.

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    • …his indian name is ‘swift stump”… my wife is Comanche, so I have it on good authority. Although ‘pink hands blue guns’ may be his ‘lickapoo’ name…


  2. JC, you and a few others are aware I will not back down. I know you won’t either. Nor will Wirecutter. I am almost ashamed for ‘introducing’ “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” into the debate; because it is degrading to the degree that really, in my experience – only one man deserves, and that is Sam Kerodin. His list of accomplishments would be believed, if he were my age – and lived the fullest life of any of my peers – colorful history and all. But he is about half my age, and thus; by any reasonable and knowledgeable standard, is full of shit. He is all talk, as is evidenced – to me, in any case – by his repeated ‘call outs’. I have stated here and elsewhere, my desire, my intent; to meet him at the field of his choosing, “mano a mano”; simply because he has offended men I respect, women I hold dear, and a cause I truly believe in. He has offended me, and chosen to not apologize – even when his own ‘confidant’ – a man I still hold in high regard – told him his error. But that is not the only reason I hold him in contempt. I hold him in contempt because his ‘stolen valor’ mindset offends me to no end… men twice his measure have died in war, with me; gallant men I loved as brothers. Men twice his measure have died in war, with me – and I was the ‘enemy’ who validated their parking. When everyone on earth holds him in the same contempt as I; I will let up on him.
    No. Never mind. No, I won’t.
    He will never meet any of us, anywhere, one on one… because he is…
    the cunt.
    And Sam? I’m moving north this summer, out of the desert.
    Sleep light, motherfucker.

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  3. Loss of income? Site stats in the toilet? IIIPSFA membership in the toilet? Sanity slipping? New scams not making any $$? No one paying any attention to Sammy? Caccolube and pvc saws-(garrottes) not selling? All of the above? What’s the last project successfully completed by Sammy? Is there one?


    • Nope. Not that it matters, he’s writing a book – out in the summer – (well, not THIS summer, but summer of some year) that will be the tell all, about how we are white nationalists, bigots, pretenders, and on and on, ad infinitum.
      I just want to be there for the last page – where Dolores gets her oats… and Scammy his comeuppance.


  4. Not that it’s really anybody’s business, but I took Miss Lisa ziplining when I found out it was on her bucket list. It was my gift to my friend, and if Spammy has a problem with it, tough nuggets. My money, my gift. And I look forward to doing it again when I make it to TN someday.


  5. John Smith, Nuclear Powered Weapons-Grade Cunt Extraordinaire. Buy my belt-fed garrotes, only $1000 each. says:

    Yo, MDT.

    I’ve got a humorous project idea.

    We need to come up with a movie list: ‘Movies Speshul Kay has confused with reality and watched way too many times’.

    Your nailing him re: ‘The Postman’ was good.

    ‘The Survivors’ would not be on the list, even though it nails him.

    Now I’m thinking he’s wanked off using a blue plastic pistol smothered in Frog Lube (TM) while watching ‘Malone’ a dozen times or more. Of course, he’s either Burt of Cliff in the movie. 🙂

    I wonder if it’s every crossed his mind that there are persons he is unaware of that have him 100% fixed, in terms of data-mining.

    I wonder if the people who still trust a single word that comes out of his mouth ever think about that.

    If I were an honorable Citizen, lacking in any martial or espionage-related skill sets, I might want to think twice before associating with someone with such visibility when the plan is to prepare to wage clandestine and/or covert warfare against an oppressive state.


  6. I believe that as time goes on, sammy secret squirrel is becoming more and more un-hinged, mentally.

    As one who has to continually spin lies upon lies, and attack others, so as to make oneself feel superior, when one is obviously a little nobody, just shows what an insecure little mental midget he actually is.

    I don’t have to go into specifics, his ranting speaks for itself.

    I just him want to leave my state, and quit taking up valuable oxygen.



  7. Y’know, IF he really was released from the slammer on the condition he wreck the III percent movement he might just be getting a bit worried about the way things have gone so far. I don’t know precisely how those things are done but If I were the Fed who signed off on his release I’d have made sure there was an “insurance” clause in the deal that would have brought him back to finish his sentence if he failed to do what he promised.


  8. I tried to post – Anonymously, not because I wouldn’t put my name out there but to fuck with Sammy the Cunt – that, “Oh, so now you admit to being a cunt?” on his dwindling blog. Surprise, surprise it never made the blog.

    But you did an excellent job shooting the idiot down, point-by-point with his own words. Hoist by his own petard, indeed.


  9. The entire spiel smacks of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Redneck If”, where he sets up multiple questions with the same answer. Yet another example of a this individual’s lack of originality. Dipshit.


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