Why Do We Need a III King

As the Kerodin debacle evolves, events seemed to unfold in a bizarre matter.

Questions were raised.  Counterattacks were launched.  Facts seemed to come out in three to five round bursts from some very unlikely sources.  More counterattacks.  More facts.  Dirty tricks were launched to try and get a III fired from his job, and then the bizarre law suit against Kenny.  In the height of hypocrisy, Sammy, who has blogged that  “Racism, defined as judging the individual based on the color of his skin rather than his behavior… The term ‘racist’ cannot be applied to anyone for any reason – not in a world where Intellectual Honesty is part of the equation.  There can be no such thing as racism in America.”  had his wife sue Kenny for being racist against her.

Despite Sammy posting pictures of Holly executing CQB techniques and posting, “You must escape from two of the biggest, strongest guys in the class.” “Holly executes these techniques on me with ease.” – somehow Holly is scared of a guy who lives in California!

The good news is that folks eventually seem to get what they deserve.  Sam and Holly seem to have been tried in the III court and have been found wanting.  It’s been gratifying to see that there still is logic and reason in America.  Many of Sam’s old allies have declared that they’ve broken ties with the Kerodins.  Some of them did it visibly with removals of links and cross posts from web pages.  Others oddly enough have said they’ve broken contact, but their sites are still advertised on Sammy pages.

It’s disappointing to see folks still defend the Kerodins.  I can understand that you might still like them; I like many folks that I disagree vehemently with.  But to still defend their actions seems to be a total breakdown in reading comprehension skills.  Logic and reason running amuck.

Two things really concern me though.  The first is the argument that if you don’t support the Kerodins, you have to support MBV.    Even before the Kerodin debacle came to light, it would have been fine to support both or neither one of them.  The III movement is in your heart, not on someone’s web page.

The bigger question is why we think we need to have any III king.

Do we want or even need some sort of III spokesman?

I’m not certain that there is a commonly accepted definition of this movement that a spokesman could possible speak for all of us.  We have folks that are preparedness gurus, political strategists, tactical geniuses, medical professionals, etc.  I’d proffer that there are numerous spokesmen that speak to what they are good at.

Do we want or even need some sort of III leader?

Many talk about the concept of “rightful liberty”, but again, the definitions are not commonly accepted and the desired end state is rarely defined.

If we want a leader, what would we expect them to know what to do?

Sammy himself tells folks that he doesn’t have the tactical skills, the communications skills, the medical skills, you name it.

MBV himself would be the first to deny that he is the leader of the III movement.  He goes so far as to explain that there shouldn’t be any such thing.

So, what of a III king?  The king is you.

The III movement needs and really has hundreds of thousands of kings.  The very fact that you have the III in your heart, establishes that you desire something better of our society and our country.

Years before we were called the IIIs, we were the survivalists.  Before that we were the “rugged individualists”.

We need to return to our roots and embrace self reliance.  We’re Americans, by God!  How many of us are guilty of these?  The faucet leaks? Call the plumber. The car makes funny noises?  Go to a mechanic. Someone is sneaking around your house at night?  Call a cop. A porch light stops working?  Call the electrician. You saw a mouse?  Call a psychiatrist. Self-defense?   Dear God, no.

We are the ones that need to demonstrate mental toughness.  Mental fitness is so much more valuable than physical fitness.

We all need more.  More skills, more training, more information, more everything.  But we’re going to the battle with the most important skill, and it’s between our ears.

No army has ever gone on the battlefield with everything they thought they needed.  Better prepared, trained and equipped armies often lose.  Inferior forces often win.

Our goal in what we can call peacetime, is to learn and prepare.  Find the subject matter experts and learn what you can and make alliances with folks that are subject matter experts in things you don’t know.  Train your families.  Educate your children and grandchildren.  Be the III pillar in your family and community.


23 thoughts on “Why Do We Need a III King

  1. Local leaderless resistance is the only model that will work against uniforms in what is coming.
    We need to be networked but not ranked and supervised. The less we know about other areas once things get dynamic the better. In the absence of kings go find something tyrannical and kill it.


  2. […] Our goal in what we can call peacetime, is to learn and prepare. Find the subject matter experts and learn what you can and make alliances with folks that are subject matter experts in things you don’t know. Train your families. Educate your children and grandchildren. Be the III pillar in your family and community. THE REST HERE […]


  3. No need for a “king”,we al need to get our shit squared away locally-then we can network,find others in adjoining AO’s,and swap experts in whatever field’s knowledge,so that we both benefit by each group gaining new skills.
    The Kenny lawsuit,and the attempt to cost a man his job were the last straw for me.
    Sam has done some good things for the movement-that much I’ll give him.
    he did/does have a lot of great ideas-but…
    Even hardheaded,stubborn fucks like me reach a breaking point.

    do more PT!


  4. The Tale Of The Worthy Lord

    Many, many years ago — in the days before Emperors and Empires, the days when Dragons still strode the land and rode the air above it — there existed a rich province by the Silk River. This province was a large and populous place, home to a strong and prodigious folk, healthy of body and sharp of mind. The fields grew food as rain falls in summer, and the forests were thick with game. The Silk River itself was a treasure: the fish so plentiful that a single cast of the net would feed a family for a week. For time out of mind, life was good.

    Then, as happens, the province fell under the rule of a greedy and contemptuous Lord.

    Not satisfied with the wealth of the province, the Lord forced his people to labor, taxing them to weariness. He demanded they build him a vast and ornate palace, sumptuous in its luxury. He took from them the finest of the harvest and left only what did not appeal to him. From their daughters he chose the most beautiful and innocent to feed his ravenous and depraved appetites. He warred with the neighboring provinces and soon the people knew want and starvation, plague and fire.

    To this situation, drawn by the bait of such misery, came a dragon.

    The Lord, secure in his own self opinion, rode out with his army to rid his land of this danger to his rule. This was his undoing, for the dragon was as powerful as it was clever. It made short, bloody work of the cocksure Lord, and sent his army to ragged flight.

    This accomplished, the dragon settled among the ruins of the once luxurious palace. When hunger struck, it would help itself to a wandering, random person. Though fearsome, the dragon was honorable: it did not harm children or the elderly. Dragons have their own code of conduct — odd to humans, but sensible in its own right — and the dragon bound itself to it.

    All in all, the people counted themselves luckier than when the Lord ruled.

    Some years later, there came a wandering ronin to the province. This ronin was so young and untried that he did not even own a sword. But he was a smart man, and kind spirited.

    Sensing the honorable soul within, the elders of the province begged the wanderer to free them from the dragon. The young ronin considered the request. He agreed to try.

    Being a sensible man (and knowing a thing or two about dragons), he approached the ancient creature and bade it to converse with him.

    “The people of this province tire of their loss to your hunger, good creature.” the ronin informed it. “They bid you to leave them in peace.”

    “To be honest, I tire of their stringy flesh and bland marrow.” the dragon admitted, answering honesty with honesty. “But I came to this place with a purpose. I shall only surrender my rule to a worthy lord. One who understands the true nature of governance.”

    “I am young, ” the wanderer admitted. “But I think perhaps I know something of that nature.”

    “Speak the true nature to me in a whisper.” the dragon told him. “If you are correct, I shall arrange the ritual. If you speak false, I shall eat you and dream poorly.”

    The ronin did so. As much as a dragon is able, the beast smiled. “Well and truly put, young one.”

    And so the ritual was arranged. Certain ceremonies had to be observed, for among people there are expectations of Lords and expectations of dragons and these expectations must often be met before either can be taken seriously.

    Since the wanderer had no sword, the dragon fashioned him not one, but two — from its very own fangs.

    Then, as dawn broke the next day, they began a fierce battle that drew the folk of the province in a mighty crowd. All day long they feinted and fought, roared and yelled, until both were exhausted.

    Finally, as dark fell, the dragon fell to the earth. It shuddered and was still.

    The exhausted ronin was carried away by the jubilant crowd, and proclaimed Lord.

    When all eyes were turned, the dragon crawled away, trying its hardest not to laugh at the silliness of humans.

    The new Lord surprised his people by declaring that he himself would construct his own home. Over the course of weeks he labored and cleared the ruins of the old palace. There he constructed a simple hut to shelter him from the weather. He whiled the days away in meditation and study, stopping only to fish for his own supper.

    The people of the province — free now from the depredations of tyranny and the fear of a beast — returned to joyous work on their own. Soon the province was as rich and healthy as the old days.

    Still, there were problems. Often there would be disputes and violence would be threatened. Rather than see blood spilled, the elders would send the aggrieved parties to the hut of the Lord, who would hear both sides and weigh a judgement. His reputation as the most intelligent and fair of men was soon established. So esteemed was his opinion that to ignore his judgement was considered dangerously foolish and any who did so would lose face and reputation with all who lived in the province.

    After several years, the people decided that it was a shame that their wonderful Lord lived in such a small and humble abode. They took it upon themselves to build him a large and comfortable home. When the Lord assured them he needed no such thing, they held their ground firmly.

    “We wish the honor we hold you in to be reflected for all to see, Lord.”

    Humbly, the Lord assented.

    More years passed and life flowed along beautifully. When bandits raided, the Lord would raise a force of volunteers and — wielding his mighty Dragonfang Blades — would ride into battle against those who would harm his people. After the threat was ended, he bid his army to return to their work and families, as he resumed his meditation, study and duties as judge of disputes.

    “Such a fair and brave Lord deserves the loveliest and kindest of brides!” the people declared. And so a Festival was held to find just such a companion.

    Fierce was the competition between the young women of the province in their desire to be the chosen Lady.

    When presented with the winner, the Lord assured them he was quite content living alone. But the people brooked no argument.

    “Woe to us if you should pass before producing an heir to teach your fine ways, Lord!”

    Humbly, the Lord assented.

    Soon a fine Lordly family inhabited the Palace, and things were happy in the province.

    A neighboring Lord, jealous of the wealth he saw near him, invaded the province with a vast army.

    Rather than raise his own army, the Lord instead issued a decree:

    “Every person in the province shall take upon them a blade and be taught the use of it. When harassed, they shall defend themselves and their neighbors with righteous fury.”

    And so it came to pass. The invading army found it had no helpless folk to terrify, and was soon routed. The word soon spread that only a madman would invade the province where every child and grandmother fought with the heart and skill of a samurai.

    All men die, and it was no different for the worthy Lord. As he lay on his deathbed, he heard the weeping and distress of his strong and wealthy people, and smiled upon them. He bid them to wipe away their tears and go on with their lives.

    “For so long as you follow the ways I have taught you — of living through voluntary means, defending yourself, and each doing what it is that you do best rather than what you are commanded to do– I shall live on within you. My ways shall keep you free and rich.”

    Humbly, they assented.

    His funeral pyre was majestic and burned for a full month.

    And live on they did, some say they still live, even now in our colder and crueler age. That they have found a way to hide themselves from this corrupt and dragon-less world.

    For they follow the way of the worthy Lord, who taught them the only true lesson of governance:

    How to govern themselves…… by George Potter


  5. Still say the only way we are going to have any luck on keeping liberty alive is to be forming Patriot Community’s… The collective will overwhelm all the rugged individualist out there one by one…History should of taught us that at the very least…

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    • Agreed-forming communities of individuals focused on self- sufficiency,and self-reliance is the best way to succeed at keeping liberty alive,and restoring rightful liberty for all of us.
      The communities should be able to provide all the food needed for residents,perform all repairs to homes,buildings,vehicles,firearms,appliances,electronics,and to build/make new ones if the old ones can not be repaired.
      There’s very few things that can not be made on site,those things that can not be made would only require a supply of new items,or a surplus of items the community can make to trade for either cash,or the items that can not be made.


      • Amen Brother… Why is it so few see it that way… I think it is that to do something like that takes work, commitment, and courage…Its much easier to bang on a keyboard and say your not the boss of me…

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  6. “Its much easier to bang on a keyboard and say your not the boss of me” Ain’t that the truth! There is a reason DTG and MDT have been stressing the Neighborhood Protection Team model. If you start at that level, it is relatively easy to integrate similar groups around you into alliances. But when people try to make it national, especially when it doesn’t even have solid “local” footing, you are asking for a logistics and leadership nightmare. Then, when you find some of the wanna be leaders have less than sincere motives, well, we’ve seen of late how divisive that can be, haven’t we? There’s a reason I put the motto “Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.” on my blog. It has nothing to do with a friend coining the phrase, It has everything to do with it being the only sane way for a community to survive when it hits the fan. I have a moderate level of military experience, but would immediately subordinate myself to someone who had proven to me that he had more “real world” and training experience than I did, and would make sound moral, ethical, and martial decisions. This is because I know when to lead and when to follow (I’ve done both in training and combat).


    • So is your community a Patriot One MDT…I see that you didn’t have time to respond to my last comment at WRSA so if you want to do it here I would enjoy your response…


  7. If you are talking about your last comment then sure, I can answer it, but I don’t think this is the proper venue.
    LE is not paid by confiscated funds any more than EMS or county roads is. As far as the sales tax versus income, property, etc. to that I’d say “How else would they be paid?” There are a host of things I don’t agree with that are getting paid or funded with my tax dollars, but it isn’t stolen (unfortunately those fucktards were elected and get to call those shots, right?). Is public works necessary? how’s about EMS/Fire? The Military? all of these things are funded with tax dollars along with planned parenthood and the EBT system. Do you want a “Check the box” system (it does seem tempting) for what you are willing to not pay for and not get? How would that work when your house is on fire and you checked the “No” box for Fire/Rescue? Would you check the box for “No LE” and not expect help when you needed it? I guess taking care of bad guys so they are no longer a societal threat goes out the window as well (there are actually a few bad guys out there, right?) As far as “That’s the way a lot of us feel about cops and health insurance doesn’t beat and kill people on a daily basis so our anger is a little greater” I bet you more people die daily from the healthcare system you speak of than any amount of police brutality that you bring up. Trust me, I just saw a loved one die because of that system a week ago, and it was due to it being a money racket, not a “First do no harm” organization. I have never beaten or killed anyone while working in law enforcement. I have never written a report that lied about or added extra charges (padded) that were being placed on an individual, and fellow officers know I will not tolerate it from them. I have never needed to do that, since my belief is that if I had to lie to get them charged and convicted, I didn’t have a case to begin with, and that very well could be me being lied about, couldn’t it? Remember this https://masondixontactical.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/who-is-courtland-grojean-and-why-should-you-care/ that was a petty little ExCon lying about who he was, where he worked, and what he was doing, then making allegations about me that were patently false to get me disciplined or fired from my job. I know what I’m about and what I will and won’t do, and I am a Father, Veteran, and Citizen first, before my day job even sees the light of day. As to the question of whether “My community” would be a patriot one? Of course it would be oriented that way (I wouldn’t associate with any other). Have I given you a reason to think otherwise? Is this going to be where you try to place someone else’s words in my mouth, because I’m pretty sure I have been clear on my blog as to where I stand on these issues. Maybe you haven’t read enough of it to see.


    • I understand your under a lot of pressure with everything going on and I sympathize with you…Lets start with your comment taxes aren’t stolen funds comment how are they not stolen you know the definition of theft so I won’t quote it here…Anything taken from me without my willing consent is stolen and those taxes I mentioned fit that category to a T…You keep harping on other public services like its suppose justify what you do and that’s a sad way to go through life Brother… Fire and Ems in my part of the country are all volunteers by the way and I do everything I can to support them…Good Sheriffs I have no problem with and if they were paid by a sales tax instead of income and property taxes then that would be even better… You have to stop bringing up Kerodin like it matters to me…What he did was despicable and I’m done with him until he rights those wrongs he committed…The question about your community was one that was do you live in one now not the future… That is one I have been pushing if you have read anything of mine you would know that…Just a quick question and a honest answer would be great…Did you and DTG really want to exclude Max from having a spot in the III trainer cadre and if so why?


      • We did not. Max was being fed BS, and we have already figured that out and are speaking again. I was the one who originally asked him to be part of the IIIPSFA, and had made plans to help him with the Rifleman Challenge. Why would I ask him to be part of that and tell him I’d help if needed me to, if I was going to worry about “Market share”?

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  8. Reading this blog, and the comments, are aligning quite a bit that didn’t line up for me for a while (as you know, brother Lineman…)
    Started a while ago with a simple question, posed ‘one brother to another’ from me to the former iiipercent ‘preacher’… My training for years has required I conduct due diligence, I do not target by luck; extreme long distance is not conducted ‘on the fly’. So, I dug deep; I study, read, analyze… and as I did, additional questions formed, patterns became clear… and as always happens, the Truth appears through the fog. Brother Lineman and all, there is a hand of Providence in all this, allowing us to separate the wheat from the chaff… truebrothers from those who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. At a time when we most need cohesion, some have chosen despicable action due to ‘pride’; because they got butthurt. It is not easy to find out the truth, but you can’t hide truth… the people I see aligned on ‘this side’ – Wirecutter, JC, Miller, et al… have been consistent and have simply stated fact. Shame on the other side for sowing the seeds of division when we least need it…
    When faced with an enemy, and a traitor; shoot the traitor first.
    I can at at least give honor to a brave, truthful enemy; before taking him out. stormfriend sends


    • There were many times in the last year that when I was dealing with a few of the people in this crap, that the easy, emotional response would have been to call people names and make counter accusations, but fortunately, I had friends advise me to not “Wrestle the pig”. I have tried (sometimes it’s very hard) to not comment using petty swipes, and to just let the facts speak for themselves. It appears that COA was successful, but still the cost to what we’ve been trying to do was excessive, especially right now. I have been contacted by numerous people advising that they too were.being fed a crock of crap by the III Shit.Army Kernal, but as I’ve told them, “Water under the bridge, let’s get back to work.” .


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