Kerodins take Kenny to Court

I’m merely sharing the post.  I have no comments on it.  It is “just the facts”.  Thought folks should know.

“Okay, I just spent my entire day in court. I was served a notice for a hearing for a restraining order and a civil lawsuit from the Kerodins about 3 weeks ago.

 I do feel the hearing went well for me. I had good representation, I gave my answers clearly and half-assed intelligently and the judge was taking lots of notes. My attorney cost me money I didn’t have but I refuse to walk into a courtroom without one. That’s like going brown bear hunting without a weapon.
I’m not going to say anything more about it because the judge won’t reach his decision on the restraining order until the 16th. I go to court on the civil lawsuit in January.

I’ve turned the comments off for this post and I’m also not going to publish any comments about this anywhere on the blog for obvious reasons so don’t waste your time trying. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in kind of a shitty mood. I think I’m going to have a beer.”



20 thoughts on “Kerodins take Kenny to Court

  1. What…… this some chickenshit way to try and terrorize people not to tell the truth about them?

    What a pair of fucking tools!



  2. Ok, this is a real shitty thing to do, just about the time I thought they couldn’t stoop any lower they do this.

    I saw this last night and it needs to get distributed across the whole spectrum of the III. Everyone needs to see the shit king kerodin is doing and the level he is willing to sink to.

    That said, we all need to do some crowd funding for some legal hours because by their bringing the civil suit they have opened themselves up to discovery AND civil discovery is very broad compared to criminal discovery. I would imagine a couple of legal eagles could have a real party bulldozing through all the “three empire of the kerodins” records and backgrounds.

    I feel for Ken but once he gets over the gut stomp feeling, especially if we can find some funds to help him, he may just be in the position to expose the whole rotten inner core of what’s going on up there in Idaho with a court compelling the Kerodins to open ALL the records.

    I don’t know what fed is controlling them but they just stepped on their dicks big time by advising this course of action if Ken can afford the legal fees.

    I know my family doesn’t have a lot of money but I know that I am going to find some to go towards this cause even if I have to sell something to do it.



  3. I’ve started a Wirecutter Legal Defense Fund.
    I don’t have enough money to make it worth suing me,
    but I do have my Cute Chicks, and if they think they can get away with
    what they did to Mason Dixon and now Wirecutter, I’m not too sure they
    won’t come after me through the girls.
    They need to know we won’t stand for it.


  4. He chose the softest target. Not saying Kenny’s soft, but he would seem to have the least ability financially to withstand frivolous legal action out of all of kerodin’s potential targets.

    He may well think he can silence the others by targeting Kenny. That’s unlikely, but futile and stupid intimidation is kerodin’s specialty, and is exactly what landed him in federal prison.

    Kenny hasn’t asked for help, I hope he does. With sufficient funding he could make if very expensive for Sammy.

    I’ve been through a civil case, and there is this little legal concept called ‘discovery’.

    First, depose Sammy. Force him to come to Modesto. When that’s done, depose his old lady. Then demand every document, every financial statement, every receipt, check stub, e-mail, snail mail, record of conversation, photos, videos, anything and everything related to the case. Including III arms and the citadel. And he has to pony it up, everything. Witness depositions. Continuances, on, and on, and on.

    Then there is the “Doctrine of unclean hands”, which basically says ‘it doesn’t matter that you didn’t start the shit, you participated in it, and got your satisfaction that way, so you aren’t entitled to anything more’ I believe the legal term is “waiver and estoppel”.

    If things go as they do in my state, Ken just went through what is known as a “show cause” hearing. Kerodin would have had to provide evidence of a sufficient nature that there was potential ongoing damage to him were an injunction not granted. It is highly doubtful he could show any damages at all, the bar for proof of that is a very high one. Almost insurmountably high. Ask anyone who ever filed a libel/slander/defamation suit. They almost always never go anywhere. And you are required to give an actual, supportable cash value of the damage done. Which is nearly impossible.

    Not having seen the documents, my guess is Kerodin just made the minimal accusations to make a filling, little to none of it is supportable, he won’t be able to show actual damage, and this is all going nowhere.

    What Kerodin is trying to do is enforce silence so he can go on with his games. I’ve notice that CA over at WRSA has removed the links to both Kerodin and MVB. I’m not sure what that means but that would seem like a plus for kerodin more than MVB. Google “III percent” and it takes you right to Kerodin. I’m sure WRSA drives traffic to everyone it links to, and Kerodin has less to lose that MVB. Perhaps CA, having finally given up on Sam the Sham doesn’t want to be seen as taking sides.

    If I could speak to him as a friend I’d tell him it’s way to late for that. Is Kenny’s link going to be the next to disappear? One side is now attacking good men, threatening their jobs and financial welfare on basically a and ego trip. And has been publicly wishing another a slow and painful death for years now.

    What kind of person does that? What sort of weird psychology is involved here? And how much more will the III allow him to damage the movement via commercialization and a concerted program of turning III into some sort of fantasy camp theme park with a pro-shop full of trinkets?

    I know what kind. A cheap hustler with no conscience does that.

    What is going to be gained by Kerodin’s continual egging on and incitement to vastly premature use of force using subtle hyperbole and inference? Whats going to happen when someone takes him up on his calls to “step of the porch”?

    There isn’t any space left to remain neutral on the issue. Kerodin just annexed it like another guy did with Austria in 1938.


  5. The bottom line is always the money.
    Sammy the K is using III% money to attack Kenny. This is outrageous.
    If anyone ever had a doubt that K was a provocateur, this reveals it.
    Time to help with Kenny’s legal expenses…III to III.
    Let’s get it done.


  6. The Kerodins are doing what the Kerodins do. They tried to have Mark Firestone’s guns taken when they sent his Sheriff an email They are trying to get Kenny’s guns taken away in this case as well (this is not the case to get money from Kenny) because Kenny is a “threat”. Why? Because among other things, Hyman/Kerodin can’t own guns himself, due to being a federal felon, and he wants to pass on “the love”. Hyman/Kerodin has a problem with anyone that is LE. Why? Well because LE (in this case the Secret Service) put him behind bars for trying to extort a large company when he saw an opportunity. Hyman/Kerodin doesn’t like .Mil, and calls them and LE the “Free Shit Army”. Why? Because he lied about his health issues to get into the military, and was kicked out during basic training when found out. Hyman/Kerodin has a problem with anyone who can have or do things he can’t, unless they kiss his ass and tell him he’s their leader. We (IIIPSFA Board) tried to give him a chance to develop into a leader with standing (we had the reputations to do that, he did not). Unfortunately, he didn’t take advice, and wanted to do his own thing, circumventing the Boards approval
    “I originally suggested you be an immediate Director and there was pushback from one asshole – so I just did an end-around and after you accepted, announced to the world you’d accepted SPA.”
    Hyman/Kerodin decided to come after me in my official capacity in LE using a fake name and credentials as a member of the press, and saying I have a NeoNazi/Anti-Gov webisite and business, and that I did paramilitary training
    Hyman/Kerodin says he has all the trappings of a commando with the “training” he received as a civilian. Of course he will not verify the name of one instructor he had in all those years, or one employer (when he “got wet”). Why? Because if he said who trained or employed him, it could be verified, or more than likely, denied by those individuals. They don’t want people to know the truth about the goings on. Do I think they did something illegal? I don’t know or care. That’s not for me to determine, especially since I lost no money to them and their games. All I lost was my reputation for backing solid patriots. I spoke out against his “wanna be” games with his “Jedburgh Academy” BS, and his “advice” to everyday patriots to call themselves “commandos”. If people don’t start to speak out enmasse about the BS they are pulling,shunning not only them, but those who still support them, since they now know what they are, what they did and continue to do, they will do it again. Someone asked me why I hate them. My reply was that “I don’t hate him. I won’t give them that much credit. But I do feel that after promoting him as I did, it is my responsibility to fix what I did wrong, and speak out about the things I believe he did wrong.” If it wasn’t for that, I would not have said anything, that’s for the people that invested money to do.

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  7. […] Kenny needed our help raising funds. If for no other reason, the Kerodins need to be shown that what they have done will not be tolerated in our midst. It also showed solidarity and ability for us to finish a project that matters (show me a project that Kerodin has finished, or even given a NLT “finished by” date) and to do it quickly. A few out there immediately showed their support on their blogs, namely Angel at “The Lonely Libertarian”, Concerned American at WRSA, and George Patton. […]


      • The Kerodins are like Acorn.. Change names and change locations.
        All those people who called BS about the “citadel compound” seemed to have been right. Complete bullshit.

        He is like a little George Soro’s, only in reverse but still a commie.. Taking in as much money as they can from hard working capitalist, patriot minded individuals and families.

        I am glad all these people calling out the K’s have been vindicated in some fasion.


  8. Looking back, I came so close to filing on Carolyn myself. At the time I was deciding between him and one other person. The “Community” was backing him, with me being the ‘outsider’. Spent the time getting to know militialaw though. I finally decided to drop it. Filing on scumbags is just not worth my (or the Court’s) time. Now, I kind of wish I had! M-D is right though, about trends. I would think that this felon is already there.


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