End Time Fearmongoring

There are a lot of blogs and pundits talking about the end of America as we know it.

The arguments center around

  1. The economy is going to go bust and America will go bankrupt
  2. The US won’t be a superpower anymore if the world goes off the dollar standard
  3. The 35-50% of people on the government dole will become violent once the economy tanks
  4. ISIS wants to take over the world

It’s all BS to distract folks from what’s important at best, and to be demoralizing at worst.

I’m working from the assumption that my readers are working hard at accumulating their preps.

Guns and ammo? Check.

Food supplies to last one year? Check.

Advanced medical supplies? Check.

Sources of water to last you forever? Check.

Knowledge? Check.

Training? Check.

If you have the preps taken care of, how will the US Government going bankrupt destroy your life? Impossible.  Yes, things will be very different and difficult.  But you won’t die.  With the size of the economy, even if the US defaults on all of its debt, foreign countries will be trading with us within six months.

How will your life change if the US is no longer a superpower? Heck, it might get better.  According to CNN, we have a military presence in almost 150 countries!  Navy floating around far away from our borders.  Bring them home and not only will we be more secure, we’ll save trillions of dollars.

The zombie apocalypse won’t last long. In the absence of food, water, EBT cards, welfare and disability checks, most of them will be dead in less than a month.  The challenge will be handling mass graves, not in fighting the hordes.

ISIS wants to take over the world? So what?  I want a lot of things.  Wishing for something is not the same thing as being able to do something about it.  ISIS has no navy and no air force.  They have no ballistic missiles.  Let them fight it out amongst themselves.  The Middle East has long fought between Shias, Sunnis and Persians.  They are a tribal people who only belong to a “country” because of the western notion of artificially creating states.  Let them fight it out.

Heck, if we brought our military home, then we could secure our four borders.

There is an old saying about history. There are two notions of what happened, conspiracy or fuckup.  While there is a lot to say about screwing up, I put a lot of credence into the concept of conspiracy.

The best way to analyze these four scenarios is from the side of: “who benefits.”

With the crony capitalism of our federal government, lots of very rich folks are getting richer. During the last “great” depression, lots of the very rich became much richer, as they were the only ones with money and could buy lots of fixed assets like land and factories.  The same thing would happen again.  There is no incentive for the very rich to get rid of our high spending and high deficit.

Similarly, only the crony capitalists gain by spending to stay a superpower. Trillions of dollars spent on weapons systems that aren’t even that good.  The F-35 is a perfect example.  The US has 20 aircraft carriers.  The rest of the world combined has 12.  Russia has one.  China has one.  How would your life change if we weren’t a superpower?  I’d suggest our lives would change for the good.

Unlike what we see on TV of the zombie apocalypse, the non producers in this country won’t exist after they die. Once there is nothing to steal, no money left to buy anything, and they have no food, water, fuel, etc., they will die.  Politicians only spend money on the non-producers because they need votes.  If martial law is declared and there are no more elections, they won’t be spending any money on them.  Almost half of America will cease to exist.  Rich folks win.

The ISIS threat is overplayed because it makes people money. We funded ISIS and continue to fund and supply them.  Heck, the guns used in Paris have been tied to the CIA, in a flashback to the Fast and Furious debacle.  Military contractors win big when we create a new military threat.  Those who despise individual liberty love it when they can convince us that we need to give up more liberty for the illusion of security.

In the words of Fred Reed, “It is interesting to remember that terrorism is not bad for everybody. For the Pentagon, Nine-Eleven was a windfall, providing wars and new drones; for NSA, a massive expansion in its powers; for Israel and AIPAC, the destruction of Israel’s arch-enemy, Iraq; for the arms manufacturers, hundreds of billions; for the federal government in general, near-dictatorship and, for jihadists, the involvement of the US in crippling and endless wars. Which is what they wanted. Everybody profited except the American public.”

In summation, ignore the threat mongers.

Continue to do your preps.

How much to have is a question that can’t be answered.  Some is better than none.  You can’t have too much.  Once you think you have enough, continue to get more.  Help friends and family.  The basics of food, training, knowledge are kind of like guns and bullets.  You never really have enough.

It’s all local.



13 thoughts on “End Time Fearmongoring

    • Totally agree on a future for our children and grandchildren. We’re about to get our 7th grandchild.

      The point I’m trying to make is that we’re all being played with the various “threats” to our lives. The four arguments and many others that the elites throw at us are tools to achieve their goals of “good of the whole” versus the good of us. Communitarianism is the goal of the day, and quite frankly, for the elites we just don’t fit their plans.

      Survival isn’t the plan, but it is the tool to rebuilding. Family and neighborhood/tribe are the building blocks.

      On a more pragmatic level, if the “threats” drive folks to prepare, then it’s not so bad. We just can’t become preoccupied with the “threats”.

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    • While survival might not be the ultimate goal, it certainly is the critical interim step to rebuilding the future!

      I lean towards what is called the Benedict Option myself. I think there is an ever increasing number of folks who cease to identify the continuation of civility and moral community with the maintenance of American empire.

      I’m one who is keen to construct local forms of community as loci of Christian resistance against what the empire represents.

      We’re all quick to make fun of the low information voter. I believe that there is a correlation between the loss of influence by the Church on our society with the low information voter. Some of it is the plan of the elites who wish to control us and some of it is our own failures to tell the Church’s story.

      There is no national fix, but that was part of the plan. With 24 hour national news, folks who do try to keep up, know more about the congresswoman from California than they do their county commissioner.

      I don’t like the phrase “restore rightful liberty” because I don’t think it ever existed, but even then, there is no commonly accepted definition. Without a defined end state, there may not be a national solution.

      I however can influence my family, my neighborhood, and my community.

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  1. “Rich folks win.”

    Actually the rich folks lose too. Our economy is far different than it was 50 years ago. Take anything driven by eyeballs on the Internet. When half the folks die off so do those eyeballs. So guys like Zuckenberg, Bezos and the M$ crowd are going to take a big hit

    “… conspiracy or fuckup.”

    Always go with fuckup. Murphy is always in play and has more arms and legs than the greatest master strategist. Maintaining secrecy in a conspiracy is very very hard. It gets harder yet with each additional layer of players involved in iit.

    The US going bankrupt might be the best thing to happen since Madison took on the Sec Treas job. It would cut the congresscritters to their knees and they need it.

    Great article and aligns with my thinking. If my positioning can withstand the first wave of emigeries from the urban core I am set.


  2. Yep–the Benedict Option is looking better with each passing day. For GOD and COMMUNITY!

    KNOW stuff.
    DO stuff.
    BUILD stuff.

    STORM coming?
    acknowledge God in all things,
    take the next right step, and
    be a sign of hope and encouragement to those around you.
    (H/T to Charlie Johnston)


  3. “The zombie apocalypse won’t last long.” Oh, but what a roller coaster of a time it’s going to be while it lasts. It’s easy to breeze past your assumption that most people will die in the first month (I actually don’t think that’s true), but even if that were true, most urban areas and a great deal of suburban areas will experience at least several weeks of violence, disruption, and warlordism.

    Food production is not going to fall to zero. A lot of people may die, but the problem is that the weak die first. What’s left are folks smart enough, strong enough, or cruel enough to survive. There may be limited amounts (or no amounts) of food being transported into cities, which is all the more reason that city dwellers go outside the city. I’m just going to take a SWAG and say that farmer’s markets are still going to sell food and become the Grand Central Station of area communities. That just means that organized criminals are going to target individuals coming back home from the market, just like what happened in the Soviet Union. Millions of people didn’t die when their country collapsed. I know that’s not a perfect analogy, but it’s probably the most realistic measurement we have. We can use what happened there as a case study to give us an idea of what’s going to happen in America in a similar circumstance. Knowing that a partial collapse is more likely, that’s actually a much more dangerous scenario. I think you gloss over and poo-poo the threat environment a little too much in this post.

    Like you, I’d argue that a total collapse is unlikely. We won’t be that lucky. What’s much more likely to occur is that America slowly descends and adopts a lot of Third World characteristics; namely food insecurity, corruption, and organized criminality. This scenario is not only more likely, but also a lot more dangerous because it’s sustainable and so difficult to combat.

    I think you’re breezing over this threat thing a little too quickly. Yes, there are overblown threats out there, with people confusing what’s most likely with what they fear the most. And there are people making money off fear mongering unlikely scenarios. But life’s going to get tougher from here, and all these things you mention just compound the dangers we face.

    Finally, you never addressed the third assumption (“The 35-50% of people on the government dole will become violent once the economy tanks.”) I think that’s a safe assumption and am interested to know why you think it’s “BS”.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed this blog so far, but you’re off base on this one.


    • My argument is that I believe these things to be distractions by the elites to convince us that there is not solution outside of big gov. I’m old enough to remember the population explosion. Then the threat of nuclear war. Then the ice age. Then global warming. Then the Soviet Union. The list goes on and on and at the end of the day the elites get richer and more powerful and the regular guy loses.

      I was in Russia at the end of the cold war. Big gov bought tons of food from the rest of the world to feed the people. Difference there is that they are a homogeneous society for the most part and they cared about the people. US, not so much.

      If it wasn’t these four things, they would invent others. I’m almost convinced that the dems and repubs play with gun control just to keep their bases continuing to donate money. Most folks still see a political solution.

      I don’t mean to suggest that all will be happy land. I do suggest though that all of these things (and whatever comes next) are distractions from what we should be doing with our preps, and that our preps will help us overcome hard times.


  4. Bravo! Right on target.

    “How will your life change if the US is no longer a superpower? Heck, it might get better.”

    It almost certainly will be much better, after the adjustment period is over. As Jefferson said, “God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion.” We need to clear the decks, flush this cronyism down the toilet, hang a few bastards from lamp posts.


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