Reading List

We all bitch about the lack of quality news in the US mainstream media.

Here are three that I read regularly to get a different perspective on primarily the Middle East and Asia.  As we continue to meddle in the world, it’s interesting to see how the rest of the world views both the US and the issue in question.  I recommend you at least take a look at them.

Often they even report on things that you never see in our media.  The analysis of Obama’s recent NATO summit was very eye opening.

Other than the news, it is interesting to read the comments to the articles.  Once translated, you can see for example that the folks that live in Asia and the Indian areas almost unanimously saw the attempted coup in Turkey as totally instigated by the US!  Whether it’s true or not, public opinion should play a role in our efforts around the world.

Asia Times.

Times of India.

Sputnik International.

As an aside, Sputnik had some of the best and most up to date coverage of the Turkey coup of any site I found.  Pictures, Videos, and virtually up to the minute coverage.  Pretty amazing.



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