My Most Serious Post Ever

Well, the blog has been quiet for a while.

No great reasons other than prepping, classes, training and of course the biggest drain, work.

The kids came down on Easter break and we had our first “serious” talk about the upcoming troubles. I say first, but only from the perspective of the daughter and her new husband. Our daughter was brought up the right way and understood all that we talked about. I think the son in law got his eyes opened.

Well there is a pattern of behavior right now on the part of Sammy that has the potential to put us liberty lovers in the cross hairs of “big gov.”

You all know that this blog started back in the days when Sammy was riding high in his scams. He’s no longer riding high since we provided the best solvent to despots – transparency. He’s been a lot quieter now that he’s lost his legions of supporters. Folks who saw the light.

We visit his web page from time to time, mostly for the humor factor. The guy’s antics truly are funny and oh so predictable. Sadly for him, he’s down to the two to three sycophants that haven’t seen the light and actually write comments. We all know that’s never stopped him in the past, and he continues to write his own “anonymous” comments so that he can comment back.

Lately though we’ve seen a change.

A brief history. Sammy started by acting as a sycophant to Mike Vanderboegh over at Sipsey Street Irregulars. Once he figured he had the lingo down, Sammy made a very public break with Mike and went after Mike’s supporters. Sammy realized very quickly that the typical Mike crowd was very quick to call “foul” and ask for real bonafides.

Sammy also realized that there were at lot of folks out there that were itching for a fight. Not looking for local preps and training, but looking to take the fight to some enemy. And Sammy fulfilled their needs with tales of adventure and evilness. Sadly for Sam, that crowd didn’t have a lot of disposable cash!

I think he’s gone over the edge – perhaps on purpose or perhaps he’s losing his mind.

If you went to any of the early Patcons, you saw that he realized that there was a different audience that sucked up to him.  It was the younger folks that just wanted to kill something.  They rallied to him like he was some sort of god.  It was almost embarrassing to watch.  But then he offered something that Mike didn’t.  Mike preached prepare and principles.  Sammy preached kill someone.

Sammy rode that horse hard.  The more hardcore he could create himself to be, the more those folks sucked up.  Sadly for him, that was a crowd that didn’t have a lot of money.  His appeals to wealthier folks were based on his charm and his “shadowy” past.  He convinced folks that he was the gentleman mercenary.

This worked for a while.

And then our efforts showed that the emperor had no clothes.

So now we’re at today.

If his going over the edge is on purpose, then he’s just doubling down to try and get back the crowds that he used to have.

If he’s really lost it, then I think he’s become a danger to himself and others.  He’s always advocated killing folks.

Now he’s manufacturing and selling devices to decapitate folks and offering instruction on how to do it.

His stickers were annoying but pretty much harmless.  Now he’s selling stuff that will destroy motors.

Ok, maybe it’s just more bluster to pump up his ego.

But then he announces a fund raiser to raise $10, 000 to go to the Republican Convention with the missing in action short bus and report to his supporters.

Is this just more bluster to gather money for his lifestyle, or is he inciting something else?

I was always concerned with his antics. But now I am genuinely alarmed. Most of us in the III movement recognize what he is up to and have disassociated ourselves from him.

To those who don’t know about the III movement, he still represents a face of our movement. If his current endeavors lead to either an actual strike or even worse if his comments incite someone to take some sort of action, the lovers of liberty will lose in a big way. The retaliation by “big gov” will be swift and brutal. This is an election year.  Reason will succumb to emotion very quickly.  We will all be painted with the brush of treasonous terrorism.

Sammy needs to be stopped now.


27 thoughts on “My Most Serious Post Ever

  1. He won’t be stopped for the same reason he gets away with felony after felony. His FBI handlers want it that way. This man was recruited By the FBI while in federal prison specifically to infiltrate the “III%” “identify its leaders” and “if possible undermine it”. This is EXACTLY what they did in the 1960’s with both the KKK and the “hippies” and it is EXACTLY what “kerodin”(not his real name) has been doing from day one. I have been telling everybody this almost since the day he came on the internet and Y’all are STILL being taken in by this. This “man” (I use that loosely) is a federal UCO and he won’t stop till the feds “sterilize” him and give him a new mission. The hits his websight gets from you, Kenny, Dodge and many other of his detractors will keep him around for YEARS. If for no other reason than it makes the federal think of you.

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  2. I have said this over and over Sammy is a fedgov plant. A honeypot for finding useful idiots. He or one of many others like him will precipitate violent action that will be used to tar those that are a true danger to fedgov power.


  3. Sammy secret squirrel, the mental and physical midget is self destructing all on his own.

    As for his followers, it look like that there are only two or three left. Anon’s do not count…..’cause he is probably making those postings himself.

    As I have said elsewhere, I really wish he would move out of my state, he gives us a really bad name.



  4. Sooo… just curious. Lane’s now all tight with Matt and boldly stating that he’s gonna help him take Sam down. The implication being that the son wants revenge for sleights made to his father. Now, this post of yours. “Sammy needs to be stopped now.” Sounds like a call to action to me.

    What’s up? You guys gearing up and movin’ to contact? Daffy gonna lead ya? Or Matt? That what it is?

    Understand, I got no dog in this fight. I could care less what you fuckers do with or to each other. But without question, at the very least this Chinese clusterfuck is embarrassing. At the most… well… we shall see I guess.

    There are too many other important topics out there my friend. This little bitch fest ain’t even on the radar. But if you feel you must, have at it. But understand this. None of you, and I repeat, none of you are doing us any good.

    Your friend,



    • Generally I agree with you completely. Freedom means allowing folks to do things we don’t like. No matter how we feel about different factions of the movement, the media paints us all with the same brush. IF (and I really mean IF) Sammy is becoming dangerous either himself or in inciting others, then it is incumbent on all of us to very publicly disassociating from him and his actions.


      • Ah, you guys think we need protectin’. So you’re taking it upon yourselves to do the protectin’? That it?

        No offense. But I don’t need your help. Frankly, the escalation nonsense is more of a threat to me than Kerodin doing whatever Kerodin does.

        Just sayin’. 🙂


    • Outlaw,

      If you are asking me to telegraph my intentions, why don’t you just ask me? It does not matter to me if you are still carrying water for Kerodin or you carry your own. What he did was repugnant and tasteless. What he continues to keep on his pages is just more of the same. Until he can be convinced to sell his copyrighted brand of crazy somewhere else, we are stuck with him until the internet host fees run out.

      As one patriot said to me today, if I were a newbie and looking at those antics, what conclusion should they draw from it? If I were to, as you say, move to contact, what of the matter of public opinion? Just as when my father was doing it in self-defense, whatever I do will be seen as taking a swing at the spastic kid on the bus. He may obnoxious and quite deserving, but my beating on him will not make him any less obnoxious.

      Kerodin is unfit to lead in every single category. It would be much more simple and imminently gratifying to just mark off the paces and draw. The thing is, I do not have to do a damn thing. Just look to his pages now and see how self-destructive he is to himself, his brand, and everyone still huddled around him. He is committing suicide on his blog one word at a time.

      – Matthew


  5. Although I have watched kerodin’s blog to try and deter anyone new to the liberty movement from listening to or associating with “sam”; and I will say I have had fun poking at him; OP is correct that in the large scheme of things, “sam” is a fart in a hurricane. GP, you are correct as well, in stating that “sam” brings a degree of hazard toward the liberty movement, by his continuing effort to be the ‘shiny nail’ – sticking his head up, with no fear of being hammered… Why would any right thinking person do those things, especially one with a felony record; and not fear “the knock” – unless, of course, one had immunity? I had posted at Kenny’s, my thought that no one wanted to associate with the 3% any longer because of what fools “sam” has made it out to be. I have said for years – to “sam”, Mike, and others; that we must be above reproach, and be able to be seen as a viable, correct, and sane alternative to the insanity in this country today. Too much has made us appear otherwise, and most if not all of that can be placed at “sam’s” feet. Most everyone agrees, and that is why “sam” is now a pariah, if we speak of him we then cough and spit. It is why it is necessary to keep an eye on him, but from a great distance.
    Guilt by association… no thank you. It is surely a possibility, as Ray said; that “sam” is a .gov plant and is doing just as intended…
    if that is indeed so, “sam’s” investment will surely reap the return he deserves, although not the one he (or his handlers) desire. They believed they had a pit bull on their leash, I believe we’ve shown a quite different type of pet is more like it…
    Continue to prepare, train, learn, and pray… we do indeed live in perilous times.


    • Well said Grandpa. I have really tried hard to not comment on Sammy’s bs. Most of what needed to be said has been said. If folks still choose to make allegiance with him, they can’t claim later that they weren’t aware.

      This post needed to be written. These are dangerous times. Political season creates strange bedfellows. IF (and I hope it’s only IF) Sammy were to incite something between now and the election, both parties would act quickly to seize the “high ground” on dealing with “domestic terrorists”. I truly hope that Sammy is merely doubling down on his “bad-ass” credentials.


      • GP, that is a legitimate concern, either side would use a move (sadly, much like Malheur… but on a grander scale) to arouse “anti-” sentiment… let’s hope it is simply more of hymen/kerodin self aggrandizement… we’ll know in a few months. In either case, we have but a few more months to prepare, and plan, and pray.
        And brother OP, any of us who have been around for awhile know you don’t need to be protected. Likely, not a one of us who’s serious and has been for awhile does.
        But it is good to have like minded friends… I have to sleep sometimes.


  6. There is an old saying that no man is an island, meaning like you said, Grandpa. Not only do we all have to sleep sometimes, but no matter how we think we can take of ourselves, it never hurts to have others we can count on. We can’t always see 2 directions at once.

    As to this whole Kerodin mess, I have my doubts that he is a plant, but that is just me. From what I know about the way they work, in what is only an academic understanding, Uncle Sam and his many letter agencies do not like their assets to have a high profile ever, under any circumstances. This would hardly fit Sammies MO. Of course, they could be trying a new strategy. Or I could be misreading things, from my admittedly small study of this issue.

    In any case, I figure that the best move for the Patriot movement as a whole is the same as for all cockroaches. Shine the light on them and they will inevitably scurry for cover. In the case of Sammy and his threat to stir the pot at the RNC this summer, it is not too early to begin distancing ourselves from any and all links to him or his nonsense. Especially stressing the fact that we are non-violent, with no intention to ever start a war or to incite a riot. Not denying that we are willing to defend ourselves if attacked, but only in the context of self defense. In other words, the III % doctrine, and the fact that anyone who goes against it is not a part of it.

    I am really not the best one to try and tell anyone what to do. I am only making suggestions that seem to be reasonable and to make sense. We should at least begin considering what to do, now, before things start to heat up for summer, in more ways than one.


    • Well said, sir. I’ve always been of a mind to believe our ‘enemy’ to choose a place, and a time, that will most decomfit folks… this points to a winter event, around the holidays – when it is mostly cold, possibly wet, and folks are concentrating on their families. Or, in mid summer – when it is hot, humid, and we need that air conditioning… and we’re going on vacation, if we can afford it, and thus may be away from home – and food, and ammo, and our neighborhood support… refugees, in a way.
      We have to cross both those seasons, very soon; in a country that is increasingly set against us… and shall remain so, until their “wtf” moment, as the reality of the shit they’ve willingly eaten suddenly is understood to be just that… when the house of cards falls, when they realize “Soylent Green is people…” – heads may come out of the collective ass. But we’ll see. And sadly, we will see…
      Scammy gets his, first, one hopes…
      “This may no longer be the land of the free, but hopefully it is still the home of the brave.”
      It had better be…

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  7. I haven’t visited Kerodin’s site, it’s unnecessary as everything seems to get reposted everywhere else. Why give this guy free publicity? He’s the little chickenhawk character from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. Ignore him. Let him self-destruct in isolation. Castro made bank for decades on the active opposition of the US, if we hadn’t validated his worldview his people would have lynched him long ago. Let Kerodin fizzle out the same way. He thrives on the attention, good or bad.

    You folks who were close to him in the past, you wised up and left him. As noble as it sounds to try and warn people off him, they’re grown-ups, they’ll figure it out themselves. If they don’t, they’re probably dumber than you want on your side anyway.


  8. I read his blog ONCE. I failed to understand the point he was trying to make, and didn’t return.
    I didn’t know that his name on nom de plume was “Sam”. I occasionally sign posts with my “name”, that is “Sam”, but will stop doing THAT to avoid confusion.


  9. Hi GP and ‘Ya’ll!!,
    Go over to SSI and read my comment to this post!!!!
    BTW none of the “Patches” are for sale!!!!!
    “Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat!!!!!,”


  10. I used to read sammy’s site regularly. Never commented. Never bought anything. Its been a couple of years since I went there. It became obvious that the guy was a fraud and maybe a regime fink. Small potatoes.

    I saw and heard Mike speak twice back in 2010 (Gravely Point and Greensboro). I could tell Mike was the real deal from the first and could be trusted. I went to Pinson in January for the ‘jungle’ clearing, met Mike, shook his hand and gave him a tangible show of my appreciation for what he’s done for all of us. I pray for him and his family every night. If the family has a public gathering after Mike’s passing I’ll be there. Showing respect for the man and what he’s done is the least that I can do.

    One thing Mike (and others) have constantly reminded me of is that in asymetric 4GW there are no ‘high commands.’ Yes there are leaders in the sense of communicate, facilitate and inspire; somebody’s got to get off there butt and say “follow me” and that’s what I see being done in my AO. We’re making progress in ORBAT. IPB and ACE. When the balloon goes up the regime definitely won’t be welcome in my AO and we will let them know–on our terms.

    Sammy will eventually burn out on his own. Its just a matter of who and how many he will take with him. Don’t be that ‘guy.’ I’m sure that someone skilled in ‘Black OPS’ could easily set him up, get him in deep kimchi with the regime and several NGOs. It’ll be fun to watch.

    Sammy is going to have to get in line as far as stirring stuff up at any of the conventions this summer. His little circus is nothing compared to what the communists are going to have going on at Cleveland and Philadelphia. The best thing for him would be to get arrested right away. Much safer for sammy boy.

    My suggestion is to continue to gather Intel–OSINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT and analyze and disperse it to the Patriot community. Its better to be informed about what a quisling is up to then to be in the dark. JMHO.
    Keep on Organizing, Preparing and Training.


  11. Lets not forget Kerodin was smart enough not to go to Burns Oregon and get indicted. By far, it was that horrific leadership that led dozens of Patriots into hundreds of federal felony indictments that is the biggest stain on the Patriot movement. The Hammonds never wanted the Bundy’s help. There was no hill worth dying for in Oregon. Too many good men in prison, and too much bad publicity. I always felt that the grand jury was loath to bring indictments for what happened in Nevada. The Bundys never left their ranch or public lands. The govt was obviously trying to run the last rancher in Clarke county out of business. The govt couldn’t go to court and just charge Bundy with stealing grass from turtles. But then Ammon Bundy drove 600 miles north to ‘help’ someone who didn’t want their help, and then insanely kicked in the door of a federal building while in possession of enough guns and ammo to kill a hundred federal agents. Then the grand jury had seen enough. Down came the indictments.
    I was banned from certain site for criticizing Kerodin years ago. ‘ Find something evil and kill it’ was insane then as it is now. Patton is right that Kerodin may well do something violent and nuts. Hell, Glenn Beck rubbed his face in cheetos the other day and I heard he had Kerodin on his show years ago. Every sane person in the Patriot movement needs to point him out to everyone, including the govt. And say that his violent rhetoric is not ours.


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