How to React to Burns

There are a lot of blog posts out there “suggesting” and “directing” a reaction to the Burns situation. They range from outrage to ridicule. Some folks that I greatly respect have called it an extreme sadness.

The conspiracy folks are out in large numbers, indentifying government snitches and calling the road block and arrests a method of getting the government assets out of harm’s way.

Some are turning LaVoy Finicum into a martyred saint.

Yet others are commenting that they wish the law enforcement community had taken different actions to end the occupation.

The remaining comments cover everything in between.

What do we really know?

Other than the obvious that one man is dead and others have been arrested, we don’t know much. “Witness” accounts vary greatly and depending on which ones you decide to believe, support is out there for everyone’s beliefs.

But, we don’t really know right now. Developing and implementing courses of action at this point is premature.

Regardless of how you feel about the Burns occupation, we know that a man who seemed to be a nice guy is dead. We can mourn his passing no matter if he “committed suicide by cop” or he was wrongly killed.

We need to remain vigilant and demand the truth. Truth is a rare commodity in this day and age, but we must demand it in this case. Truth of not only what happened, but why it happened.  The release of the video is a good start.  Armed with the truth, we can then come up with actions to be taken.

Sadly what’s missing in our reactions are any actions to achieve one of the stated goals.

The Hammonds are still ignored. As folks raise money for the Finicum family and legal funds for the Bundys and the others arrested, we really shouldn’t abandon the Hammonds.

Surely there must be liberty minded folks who can provide physical support to the Hammond family while their adult men are in prison. Talk to any older woman who loses her husband. It’s the physical contact and folks willing and able to help out on the “little stuff” that makes a difference. When we go to visit my wife’s mother (who lost her husband a little while ago) I always bring a bag of tools to do the little “honey-do” things that don’t get done now that dad is gone.

If the Hammonds get lost in the post mortem of the occupation, it really will all have been for nothing.


7 thoughts on “How to React to Burns

  1. You know, that has been my question since the outset… the ‘springboard’; if you will; was the re-incarceration of the Hammonds. So, all of this since then has done what, exactly, to show our hearts to this family? They still have a ranch to try and run, and they’re down 2 strong backs.
    And all the rest of it since then, rallying cry/martyrdom/3% and what not, is capturing attention…. until the Super Bowl. Or when NASCAR starts, or…
    Here’s an idea… if you don’t agree with the .gov and how things are going, on April 15th, either file the ‘automatic extension’ or simply don’t pay your taxes. If everyone who talks or types a bold game here and elsewhere, stops feeding the fed gov…
    They cannot arrest and/or incarcerate and/or shoot all of us.
    Voting for Trump won’t fix this. We are, much like LaVoy, too far down the road. Be noble. Stand, in the evil day.


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