Time to Move On

Five months ago, I started this blog in response to some serious allegations of misdeeds on the part of Sam Kerodin. Being part of the III movement for some time, I was familiar with many of the bigger players in the movement.

This blog was never about Kerodin versus Mike Vanderboegh versus the myriad of influential players in the III movement. Not supporting one or the other didn’t make you an automatic fan of the other folks.

Over the years though I got skeptical over some of the actions of the Kerodins. It seemed that they weren’t focused so much on the goals of the III movement and liberty, but instead became focused on self interest – power and money.

Last year I started hearing from folks that I consider to be very solid IIIs. Many of them were planning on leaving the III movement.  I started hearing about folks being run off by the Kerodins.  Folks whose business efforts were being attacked by Kerodin and his supporters.  Folks who just wanted nothing to do with the IIIs and liberty any more.

I decided to investigate. What I found disgusted me.  You’ve read the results of my investigation on this blog.  I thought that what the Kerodins did to JC Dodge was the lowest thing that I had seen in a while.  Leave it to the Kerodins to double down on being lowlifes, though.  I found out about the “legal” action that they had started against Kenny Lane.  Three legal actions initiated.  First was a temporary restraining order against him and it was thrown out before it got to court.  Second was the court trial to take his guns away.  Third was the civil case that the Kerodins decided to not show up in court for.

There has been a lot of evilness being thrown around regarding these cases. It was interesting to watch the evolution of the supporters of the Kerodins as the truth came to light.  The comments went from nasty attacks to many folks seeing the light as the evidence mounted.  The Kerodins took advantage of the time between the second law suit and the last law suit to attack Kenny, knowing that he wouldn’t comment until the final suit was heard.  They even asked for a continuance to keep Kenny from commenting until April!  Hopefully, the last few Kerodin supporters have finally seen the light and have washed their hands of them.

So, where do we go from here?

Folks, the cause was and remains liberty.  Sammy tried to make it about him.  Some fell for his glib tongue.  It’s easy to understand.  Folks are always on the lookout for the easy solution vice the hard work.

We need to remember that the III movement is you. It’s not Sam, it’s not Mike, it’s not Pete, it’s not anyone else but you.  Watching the downfall of the Kerodins doesn’t automatically make you a supporter of someone else.  A fail for the Kerodins is not a victory for anyone else.  Let’s not be liberals here!  It’s the Kerodin’s downfall.  Period.

One of the biggest problems that most folks have with police misconduct isn’t the misconduct itself. It’s the fact that the police won’t police themselves.  Misconduct get’s ignored at best, and covered up at worst.  Some of us in the III movement fall into the same trap.  We defend the actions of folks that claim to be IIIs even in the face of clear misdeeds.

I am very proud of the folks that stood up to the Kerodins and weren’t afraid to question their misdeeds. Some of them took harder hits than others, such as JC and Kenny.  Some of them took professional and personal hits that most of us will never know completely.

It is a sign of a healthy group like ours that we can police ourselves.

So, what is the future of the Kerodins? I think they are done with the III movement.  They have been tried and found wanting.  They own a lot of assets that we in the III movement paid for.  They own the land for the Citadel (sorry for the “investors” but the Kerodins own the land).  They own whatever III Arms stuff still exists (sorry founders, but legally it’s theirs).  They own the TOC and everything that was donated to fill it (night vision goggles, comms gear, etc.).  They own their dojo.

Much of this isn’t very liquid, so getting cash out of it might be a challenge in the near term.

I see one of two things happening.

The first one is that they sell everything, change their names again and move on. I’m guessing that they have been selling things for a few months now and getting everything ready to move.

The second is that they try and save something out of this. Sammy will claim to have to go “dark” to take care of some “serious III business”.  He passes control of the society and some of the other things that don’t make money to some gullible III.  And then we never hear from them again until the next con with a new name.

Either way, I won’t miss them.  It’s time to move on and double down on our preps.


16 thoughts on “Time to Move On

  1. The second legal action was actually a hearing for the first one. The TRO was refused because they couldn’t prove I was a threat and the second hearing was for a permanent restraining order where they’d have a chance to prove their evidence in court. That was refused also.
    Just minor points and a good post. Thank you.


  2. Money quote from MDT on his site:

    Stating that “We need to go along to get along”, or “I don’t want to speak out against a fellow “Patriot/III”, just because he is a “Patriot/III” is no different than the cowardly LEO analogy. It is the same mindset that the apologists use, and is as hypocritical as it gets. Police yourselves “Patriots/III”, before those bad guys in our midst destroy our possibilities.

    Whether real or synthetic, bad actors, especially those that try to get people fired, or potentially killed by misusing “justice”, or even just flippantly using the race card, deserve to be shunned.

    Without an identity (“who we are and who we are not”), or at least without standards for behavior, no cohesion on mission can be possible.

    By design.

    This whole situation remains an excellent case study, a microcosm of the ills of the world at large. Understanding this situation and how it mutates explains much.

    Getting your mind around this situation is just as valuable as storing away beans and rice.



    • I would concur that bad actors need to be called out, so that the harm they do is stopped in its tracks.

      I recently had the displeasure of finding out that someone I thought was a friend (not a close one, but a friend nonetheless) was committing fraud against a bunch of people, including myself (to a minor extent) and family (in a BIG – five figures – way). I’ve started the process to have him removed from a referral group that both of us belong to, I’ve stopped doing business with him and won’t refer anyone to him, and I know that he will be going to jail for the MANY things that he’s done (and I don’t have anywhere near a complete picture of how many people he defrauded). I feel most sorry for his 11-year-old son, who’s dad will soon be a convict living in the graybar hotel, but this guy made his bed by screwing a lot of people. I am profoundly sad to have seen this happen, and also to have a part in stopping the harm in the way that I am doing, BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE.

      Ditto for the whole thing with the Kerodins. I’ve not followed this closely at all, just read a couple of posts here and at Knuckledraggin’, but it seems like almost the same story. These folks MAY be forgiven, but we can never forget what they did (and never allow ourselves to be victimized again). Thankfully, I never got burned in any way by the Kerodins, but I’m glad to hear that their disreputable actions are coming to an end because people know who they are.

      Its sad…but part of life. Learn lessons, and then move on, knowing that you and your world are better for the wisdom you’ve gained from the experience.


    • I sure as hell learned a lot from the whole thing.
      I supported Kerodin and the IIIPSFA for far too long,even stuck up for his poorly named “Jedburgh Academy”his choice of name pissed off every veteran I talked to,but the concept was a good one-a nationwide group of trainers linked together to provide all kinds of training.
      The IIIPSFA was a god idea/concept as well-a lot of us supported the society in the beginning,the rest of us should have quit when the board quit.
      Some of us-myself included-really wanted the III% Society to succeed,and we sent a lot of people to Kerodins site and the IIIPSFA.
      Like my grandfather used to say-“I don’t lose-I either win,or I learn.”
      I sure as hell learned,I didn’t lose anything,other than a year and a half or so worth of IIIPSFA monthly dues,and a lot of time invested in a project with Holly that was put on hold,then “”we are turning the III% cookbook project over to Larry” to make it seem like the Kerodins were doing something good for the community,when the fact is all I got was the original recipes that I had submitted last year.

      We haven’t heard the last from Kerodin,and he will not leave the movement,he’s still got his supporters-although it can’t be many now.
      He’s not going to stop posting or give up the III% patriots website.


  3. This started out prior to my showing up. However, MilitiaLaw and myself worked on (uncovering the truth) this for quite a while. He did a lot of research, which has proven to be very valuable to the cause. And, yes, Carolyn & Nye used the race cards. It was not, however, until Kenny, JC, & others (from the inside) finally got burned. Then the worm turned. I would like to thank MilitiaLaw & GeorgePatton for their efforts from the beginning. All’s well that ends well. Now is the time to ‘move on’. To learn from this episode.

    As for Carolyn? Who cares? No doubt he will be moving his lovely wife back to some East Coast city, where they feel more at home. Where they can freely associate with others. Others of their kind. Those of the III% never did really ‘fit the bill’. http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/fit+the+bill

    Best of luck to all involved. To all evolved.


  4. Your work here has been valuble. Now as a community of thinking individuals who love liberty, have dignity and values and a moral code that k doesn’t understand; we can continue our somewhat disjointed and difficult quest to move our confederation forward. It is about community… spiritual surgery is always painful but necessary. A cancer has been excoriated, we must be on guard to prevent relapse. Hopefully he and his wife simply slink away, but we must be ever vigilant… thank you “George Patton”, whoever you are, for “setting the cause above renown.” – Grandpa


  5. “It’s time to move on and double down on our preps.”

    I do not believe that the drama with and about sammy secret squirrel is over. But since his ass has been exposed so well, the drama will be insignificant.

    More PT, training, and preps………..winter is upon us.



  6. George, III% is a movement, not an organization. The same way that freedom and liberty are simply ideas, so it is with the III%. We don’t need leaders and organization to be united as a community. It is our dedication to certain principles and ideals that unite us. I made a comment on Sammy K blog one time that referenced material from SSI. His head almost exploded and after a tirade informed me that I must either follow his blog or Mike’s. I follow neither. I am hardcore III and have been since the thought was first put into print. I am part of the III movement as a whole and the community and follow no man, organization or leader. As such the community has shared with me. When my 28 Yr. old niece died horribly of liver disease, her only wish was a christian burial. She was penniless but could not bear the thought of cremation. Fellow patriots and III% came together and raised enough funds for a plot and burial. Organization? We don’t need that. When the time is right I will be ready to stand with my brothers and sisters in the community. How will we know tha

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve had the same good experiences in the III world too. Sammy was one of the few that I ever met that I got a strange feeling about from the beginning. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. My wife with her “spidey sense” suggested to me from the beginning that he was either a con man or a snitch (or both). I should have listened to her.


  7. The IIIPSFA is dead and soon to be gone,sucks that it was ruined from within,because the idea was a good one,a lot of us supported it,some of us for too long after we should have known something wasn’t right.
    There will still be those of us who are actual III%ers and not a part of the movement for personal gain-we ain’t going anywhere.
    Besides the damage caused by the Kerodins bullshit,we now have leftist idiots writing hit pieces on the III percenters…

    “The Three Percenters (aka 3%ers, III%ers, or “Threepers”) are a Patriot movement paramilitary group that pledges armed resistance against attempts to restrict private gun ownership.1 Adherents and supporters have been associated with threats and acts of violence. Like other Patriot groups, they depict the federal government as tyrannical. Their name refers to the (disputed) percentage of American colonialists who took up arms against the British during the Revolutionary War.”


    Found the link to this one @ SSI,so Mike V. is the one who spotted this sorry excuse for a writer’s hit piece.


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