Oregon Occupation Part Three

So, how does this play out and what are our options?

There is no strategic victory here for the III movement.

We will not get the government to back down in the case of the Hammonds, nor do the Hammonds have any desire for the movement to make that happen.

We will not create a situation where the government will look like overbearing totalitarians. The American public will see this as a group of armed men being criminals.  Ryan Payne will get the notoriety he seemingly wants, but for the wrong reasons.

There is no strategic “draw” here either.

We will not see a scenario where everyone agrees to go home. The occupiers at best will go to prison.  At worst they will go to the undertaker.

We as Americans should have the expectation that this criminal situation will be treated as such and the occupiers will receive the due process that they are entitled to. Sadly, I don’t  think this will fit the government’s narrative.

We will never know if this is a government false flag operation. We’ll never know if the organizers of the occupation were put up to it by our government.  But it won’t matter.

Our government and their allies the media will use this event to help convince the middle 40% of America that we are all a threat to their way of life. This occupation will help trumpet the calls for increased gun control, increased surveillance of we “domestic terrorists” and other means of tearing down Patriots.

And some who claim to be on our “side” are helping the oppressors.

If there is any “win” to this action, it will be because some of us will see:

who is supporting the oppressors

who is supporting the instigators of the occupation

who is condemning the actions of the oppressors and the occupiers.

Now is the time to double down on your local efforts.

How will it end?

If I was the government, I would isolate these folks and wait them out.

Hesco barriers to form a complete perimeter. Nothing physically in or out.

Jammers to insure that there was no communications in or out of the site. No radios, no internet, no comms.  No manifestos coming from inside.  No attempts to win public support.

Turn off all utilities. They probably came with food and water. But eventually they will run out.  No heat, no electricity, no nothing.

Convince the media to ignore this.

Wait them out.

But that won’t serve the government’s cause of more control.

Watch for a bloody ending.



5 thoughts on “Oregon Occupation Part Three

  1. I still think we can make some good out of this. I have used twitter half of today to remind people of Art. 1 Sec 8 Cl 17 along with a map of what the feds claim to be their land in the west to show perspective:

    And of course, countering the SJW’s and progressive liberals with the truth and showing their hypocrisy.

    I don’t particularly think this group has played it smart, and it may be some kind of insider plant stirring some of these guys up, but… we can still attempt to use it and sway the public’s attention to fed usurpation. We don’t necessarily need to throw this completely out of the realm of just ignoring it or coming down on it with an iron fist. At the least, try to salvage something out of it.

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