Group Identify

It seems pretty easy to dislike groups of folks.

The evil 1% rich folks. The poor who live off the backs of the workers.

Democrats are the anti-christ. Republicans are traitors.

It’s the blacks, whites, Muslims, Jews, Hispanics, gays, Christians, atheists, Chinese, Russians, commies, you name it.

The list goes on and on. There are books, movies, blogs and entire organizations dedicated to supporting or attacking groups.

It’s a tool. A tool by those who use it to distract us from what’s really happening and from what the agenda really is.

Most of us are quick to claim that “big gov” is evil and that there is a mindless, faceless bureaucracy that controls our country.

Sorry folks, it’s not a machine, it’s people. The IRS for example might be evil, but Lois Lerner was a criminal.

It wasn’t an evil machine that allowed the San Bernadino killers into the US. It was actual individuals who screwed up and allowed this woman in our country.

It wasn’t the Democrats who did Fast and Furious. It was specific people who planned it and executed it.

How many of us can name any of the leaders of ISIS?

Recently there have been some ugly comments addressing hatred of all .gov workers, all LE employees, and all .mil employees.

I can understand Sammy’s hatred of these three groups. The first group governed over his incarceration, the second group actually busted him, and the third group let him go during basic training for “health issues” that he had lied about during the recruitment process.

But, we need not fall for the trap. Some individuals are evil and some individuals are good.

Folks who paint entire groups of folks as evil are trying to play us. We’re a country of individuals despite the best efforts of the communitarians who want us to be a country of groups.

If we’re going to win this battle, we need to identify our enemies as individuals, not as a group. Target the ones who actually commit the evil acts.  Putting a name and face on evil is the beginning to overcoming it.



12 thoughts on “Group Identify

  1. “If we’re going to win this battle, we need to identify our enemies as individuals, not as a group.” Very true. If you look at who Hyman/Kerodin has bad things to say about specifically, it is those that have called BS on his claims, or asked questions about what he’s up to, and why. I’m curious if he’s told Max (someone he has promoted as his main “jedburgh academy” “go to” guy) that his membership in the Federal Reserves is unacceptable to him and his “liberty minded” followers (he won’t do that till Max says “See ya” and he has no further “advertisement” use for him, just like he did with DTG and MDT). He’s trying to use the same court system he says he detests to cause financial hardship to someone who asked some of those questions. Are there bad guys in the Feds? Yes! Are there bad LEO’s? Of course! Are there Thugs in the US Military? Most assuredly! But in all cases, they are a minority, and I’d say the only place there is a majority problem, is with civilians and what they have and do allow to happen by their action and inaction, than to throw all the bad vibes at .Gov, .Mil, and LEO’s. If we were petty minded little men like Hyman/Kerodin, we’d be judging all ExCon’s by the “standard” that he has shown us. Fortunately, we can think and judge for ourselves who deserves trust, and who doesn’t, and we’ll continue taking people on an individual basis, because that’s what mature, objective adults do, not this third grade like IIISA BS.
    As far as this line,”Recently there have been some ugly comments addressing hatred of all .gov workers, all LE employees, and all .mil employees. I can understand Sammy’s hatred of these three groups. The first group governed over his incarceration, the second group actually busted him, and the third group let him go during basic training for “health issues” that he had lied about during the recruitment process.” Anyone that considers taking his opinion on any of these groups, considering the baggage and angst he carries, should definitely reassess their reasoning. He has too much of an ax to grind, and has proven that if you are involved in any of these professions, you are only a good guy if you don’t ask questions, and do what you’re told. If you don’t follow those guidelines, you get to be on “The list”, and he’ll use some backdoor attack instead of telling you to your face (the internet is not face to face, it’s easy to be a chickenshit there), even if it’s only an hours drive LOL.

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  2. I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it again here.

    If you look at his chosen behavior and response, it points to 1 and only 1 *probable* (that word means something in this case, pay close attention to it) option.

    Seekrit Ass-ass-in Speshul Kay is a throw-away source/asset to a fed who for some reason has interest in The III. Said fed could work for someone who has a hard-on for The III, or said fed could work in a field that naturally relates to possible issues common with The III.

    Said fed has something hanging over Seekrit Ass-ass-in Speshul Kay, and for temporary false safety and security Seekrit Ass-ass-in Speshul Kay is the eager to please b1tch, with a low chance of ever providing anything of use – legally or extra-legally.

    I was very late to the whole tale and all the drama, and have been reading up on it during some of my spare time.

    Once he was revealed for the Being of Pure Bullsh1t that he was, there was no reason for him to dig-in and go defiant. Not when you consider the group he is now at odds with; a very insular and institutionally paranoid (for good reason, in theory) group.

    He didn’t dig in when he got called on his ‘chem/bio threat assessment for malls’ bullsh1t. He disappeared, morphed, and reappeared.

    No matter how much time and $ he has sunk into his new world of bullsh1t, even someone as self-delusional as he is could not help but realize that when the word began to spread among The III, he had no way of remaining viable in any way in ‘that world’.

    The only reason he’d dig in when there was no hope of salvage is because he simply has no other option from his point of view. If he disappears again there will be no morphing and reemergence running some other scam. Once it is clear to his controlling fed that he is gone from the world of The III, he has zero use and zero potential value. At that point, the fed who owns his ass will cashier him. No reason not to, and a weak case/charge/arrest/conviction is better than nothing at all. It’s still probably worth .5 promotion points. Maybe .75 because the fed could get a little creative with the reports and connect him to The III and enhance his perceived ‘potential threat’.

    If you chase all the possible motives, etc. down their own respective rabbit holes, the only probable combination is what I wrote above…in my semi-experienced but non-LE (ever) opinion.

    Merry Christmas you Mad Wandering Patriots. I hope you are never called on.


    • Very interesting perspective. I’ve been trying to figure out what their end plan is. I figure that they are trying to sell everything and move on. The assets that they have access to aren’t very liquid. Hard to sell the Citadel land in the winter I’d guess. Hadn’t thought about the Fed’s snatching him back up.


    • Sometime ago I ran across the Galts Gulch Chile scam linked to above. It is a total scam of around 10 million US so far. People have purchased land plots on a property that doesn’t have water rights, no planning, no permits, no infrastructure and no hope of going forward.

      If you haven’t, you really need to read some of the threads about it and the responses by the promoters. Shades of sammy all over again.

      Before reading about the Chile scam I used to think sammy3slice was being run by someone, now I am not so sure and more convinced he is nothing other than a snake oil salesman out for his own gain and that he’ll disappear when he maxes out on how much he can scam or when the whole thing collapses.



      • Snake oil salesmen? We use to call those people Carpet Baggers. And you know how we dealt with them… Still, it’s amazing that he still seems to attract innocent people. There seems to be no lack of fools.


  3. No, what’s amazing is the fact that there are people that have been with him for years and are still sticking with him, even after his own words from his own blog have proven him to be a fucking liar, somebody that ducks out on his debts, and a coward, not to mention a blowhard braggart that can shoot at and hit multiple targets at the same time.
    Those folks are in the same class as Sammy Sharpton as far as I’m concerned.


  4. My apologies for my language. I didn’t realize I dropped the F bomb until I re-read my comment and I can’t figure out how to edit it out.


  5. Soffitrat,
    I thought I was the only one who knew the term carpetbagger. It was the first thing I thought of when I heard that Hillary Clinton was moving to New York state so she could run for the Senate. Of course, I realize she couldn’t really carry a carpetbag on her broomstick she flew in on.


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