Fearmongering Clarity

The latest post got the most hits of any other post, but I believe the points I was trying to make were not as clear as they should have been

So, some clarity.

If we did a survey, every one of us could identify ten threats to us in less than an hour. If we added them all up, we could probably come up with hundreds and hundreds of unique threats.

Point 1:  If we had a magic wand and eliminated all of those threats today, hundreds and hundreds more would appear tomorrow.

Point 2:  At the end of the day, most if not all of the threats that face us are a result of “big government”.  Federal mostly, but not completely.

Point 3:  There are elites out there that want us to concentrate on these threats.  It causes folks to take their “eyes off the prize” so to say.  Each threat is a tactical fight that causes us to ignore the strategic fight.  Fighting each “threat” is like fighting a war.  You can win the tactical battles, but until you win the strategic battle, you’ll never win.

Point 4:  Lots of folks like big government.  Even some of our commenter’s like some part of big government (military, etc.)

Point 5:  There are folks that want some of these crisis’s to come to fruition.  On both sides.

Point 6:  There is no short term political solution to fixing big government on the federal level.  There may be some solutions at the state and local level, but probably only in making big government, medium government.

Point 7:  We didn’t get in this mess since Obama got elected.  We’ve been going down this path for almost 100 years.  It will take at least that long to fix it, once we decide to fix it.

Point 8:  We have two choices when the threats come to fruition:  Survive or Die.  There are two kinds of survival:  subsistence living, or restoration of a just and civil society living.  It’s completely up to you and your family.  It won’t be easy and it won’t be certain.  I never suggested that it was.

Point 9:  Our hope is in the notion of preparing.

Educate your family.

Learn to do things.

Get some training.

JC is the go-to guy for real and relevant tactical training. Culper is the brightest local intel guy I know of.  There are plenty of medical training sites out there.  There are plenty of food prep sites out there.  Learn to build things with your hands.  Community colleges are great resources.  Learn to weld.  Learn basic carpentry skills. Comms is a lot more than talking and listening.  Repairing vehicles and weapons is a useful skill  You’ll get better with practice, but for now knowing the basics is important.

Everyone doesn’t have to know how to do everything. Family and tribe should be able to learn different things that complement each other.

Embrace folks in your community that are not disruptive to your goals. You don’t have to be a Mormon to recognize their strengths in preparing.  You don’t have to be a Baptist to recognize their strong faith.  Protestants versus Catholics has been a stupid struggle for centuries.  It’s us versus big gov.

Point 10:  The struggle for the hearts and minds of America are between those who ascribe to Communitarianism (look it up) and those of us who don’t.  They have a head start!  And they have the schools and media on their side.  Use their methods against them.  Social “norming” is their method to get people to embrace things that they usually don’t like.  Ok, get folks exposed to you.  We’re not the evil ogres that folks paint us as.

Point 11:  We all need to define our goals.  As much as I love our Country, my personal goals are:

  1. Family
    1. Wife
    2. Children
    3. Grandchildren
    4. Employees
  2. Extended family (friends/colleagues)
  3. Neighbors/Tribe
  4. Local Community

I can influence family. I can help the extended family. I can collaborate with the neighbors/tribe. If I have extra time, I can liaise with the local community. There isn’t much more that I can influence at the current time.

Not that it really matters, but here are some reliable sources for how many aircraft carriers exist in the world!




5 thoughts on “Fearmongering Clarity

  1. Finally! Backup of my position. I’ve been advocating exactly what you write in your point #11. I have a younger friend who get completely unwound about congress, Obama, Hillary, et al. I USED to get similarly cranked about it all, until I realized I need to focus in areas in which I can actually influence results.
    While it’s good to keep a hairy eyeball on the bigger picture, any real change will only result within one’s real operational boundaries.
    Well done, thank you.


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