My Kerodin Mea Culpas: III Arms and Others

I’ve read a lot of Tom Baugh’s blog comments over the years.  Certainly read a lot about him on other blogs!  He’s no stranger to folks in the III movement.

You can like him or dislike him, but no one can argue that what he writes is thought-provoking, and unlike so many other sites discusses issues vice personalities.

Those who’ve read this blog have been able to read some well thought-out comments to our posts.

Tom approached us this past weekend as asked if we wanted to post an important article that he put together.  I read it and was impressed with both the factual background of some events that I’d been led to believe were very different that Tom reports, and by the humility of Tom in pointing out some things that he wished he’d done differently.

Here is the lead in:

“Back in 2012, the idea of liberty-oriented get-togethers, or PATCONs, short for Patriot Conventions, was taking off. TL Davis had issued an open invitation to attend his Liberty Summit in Mercer, Pennsylvania, which was intended to be a Mother-Of-All-PATCONs. Earlier that year, TL attended our Georgia PATCON, where all of us bounced a lot of ideas around. When the Liberty Summit rolled around, since no one else from Georgia was going, I decided to go, bringing some of those ideas to share with the larger group.

Some of those ideas were controversial, but were intended to be discussed in an open forum among friends face-to-face to determine the best way forward. TL asked me if I wanted some time to speak, and I asked for an hour to try to compress into that time some of the complex ideas we had discussed at the Georgia PATCON over a two-day session. I also took some time to vent my own personal frustration of what had happened to the country I had fought for, and shouted “we see you” to the surrounding hills as an expression that those who were destroying our nation could not hide in the shadows. Having vented myself, I turned to my list of hastily prepared notes outlining our concepts.

One such idea was that ongoing feuds, such as the one between Kerodin and Vanderboegh, need not be destructive, but instead could become instructive. By the various sites highlighting the differences between various positions (all positions, not just theirs) and letting newbies decide for themselves which was more appealing, they would, in effect, “vote” for any given position by continuing to patronize various sites. And, by crosslinking between sites in an organized way, not just based on buddy-of-the-day arrangements, newbies could navigate from interest area to interest area as their understanding of the problem evolved.”

Here is the whole thing:

13 thoughts on “My Kerodin Mea Culpas: III Arms and Others

  1. Honestly I think that both men are self centered ass hats. Kerodin (not his real name) is a career criminal who’s motive is clearly greed , power and feeding his fantasy’s. Vanderbough is so filled with hubris ,addled by cancer drugs ,and self centered . That he believes that liberty only applies to people and Ideas he agrees with. He has lost the ability to see passed that and his tactics are and always were no different than those of the SPLC or ultra left he claims to deplore. I wouldn’t follow ether one to a beer in a saloon.


    • The best part of the III movement is that it’s based on you, not anyone else! You don’t have to be a fan of anyone else! The movement isn’t Mike, it isn’t Sam, it’s not me! It’s in your heart and brain.


  2. Have never met Mike Vanderboegh. Have read many of his musings, and watched at least a handful of the videos of his speeches at different events. He does not come across to me as self-centered. On the contrary, he appears to be as selfless an advocate of the cause of individual liberty as I have seen, and at great personal cost to himself, both financially and health-wise.

    Hubris is defined as excessive pride, arrogance, haughtiness. I would not define Vanderboegh’s unyielding, uncompromising, and indefatigable defense of liberty as hubris or anything resembling it. What he is, in my humble opinion, is an example of how we all should be. We should all be sticking our fingers in the eye of collectivists, flagrantly defying their illegal and immoral edicts, and daring them to do something about it. Unfortunately, few of us have the courage to do so. Yet here is a pushing-70 cancer patient who is showing us what to do and how to do it. And rather than being brain-addled, I suspect that facing life threatening cancer has probably focused his thoughts like nothing else could ever do.

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    • +1

      If Mike V was accused of being a stubborn cantankerous old man I might have agreed, but I’m not seeing the self-centered bit at all. About the only time he talks much about himself hes either:

      1) letting everyone know what new creative mischief he’s up to, or
      2) publicly reliving his regret over the ideological mistakes of his youth.

      Furthermore, he’s shown a keen eye for those who are about to inflict grave damage on the 3% movement, including Kerodin as well as Jerad and Amanda Miller out at Bundy Ranch right before they triggered. I’m sorry I ever doubted his wisdom in calling out Kerodin, even if I kept it to myself. I’ve heard it couched as “Internicene bullshit”, but the word Internicene implies fighting amongst ourselves. Kerodin was and is not one of us, that much is now abundantly clear. …and as far as I can recall, Kerodin was the only one Mike went after, despite the vitriol being hurled at him from so many directions. He stayed on target with far more grace and discipline than I likely would have under such conditions. Much of the remaining bitterness toward Mike seems to have a lot to do with people being annoyed that he was right all along.

      If someone has a specific misgiving with the way Mike handled the Kerodin situation I’d like to hear it. Keep in mind that he turns out to have been very much correct in pretty much everything he said about Kerodin, so if someone’s about to say Mike should have just kept his mouth shut while a man he knew to be dangerous hurt our cause and our people, that someone might just want to conserve credibility and not bother replying after all.

      I don’t use the word hero lightly, but Mike has been literally giving us his life for the past 8 or so years. Maybe longer, but that’s when he came onto my radar. In any case, yeah, I’ll go with “hero”. Refute me.

      Happy trails,



  3. Mike V. has repeatedly written his own “mea culpa” because he was a leftist/communist at one point in his life.

    If anything, my impression is that Mike V. is pushing as hard has he can, because he thinks his time is short and his repentance is still a work in progress.

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  4. For such a tiny pissant, Kerodin sure does cast a big shadow. Wonder how many coulombs of electrons have been inconvenienced over this ass. I strongly suspect that he gets off on all the kerfuffle. After all any attention is better than none to people like K.

    BTW, how DOES he keep a roof over his head and still manage not to be a guest of the taxpayers of some state or another or of the U.S. as a whole?


  5. I started reading Mike V. the week he started posting SSI . Mike has been drawing federal welfare money for more than a decade , by his own admission. Mike regularly delete’s comments he doesn’t agree with and considers his opinion to be by far of greater value than that of anyone else. I have met “Mike” , twice , at Knob Creek, and “hubris” would be EXACTLY the word I was looking for. He was doing what he did at every public venue he could get into , invited or not. Making everything about Mike V. Running his mouth to reporters (and anyone else that would hold still) , trying to make EVERYTHING going on about “Mike”& III%”(the same thing in his mind) and begging for money. Begging and “public speaking” (invited or not) has been his income generator for decades. Self centered at the very least, but I stand by “hubris”. The BS that went on for YEARS between Mike and Kerodin (not his real name) was about money. Donor network and brand control.— Having had cancer twice myself I will also add that Mike is in no way the man he was five years ago. “Drug addled” is a statement of fact for EVERYONE undergoing cancer treatment . “Chemo brain” is very real. Right now Mike has it and even if he survives his current cancer , it will take YEARS for the fog to lift in his brain. Likely he won’t last another year. His treatment has not gone well by his own admission, and from my experience ,guys in his shape don’t last long after relapse.– Kerodin is a career felon. Sooner than later, somebody will whack him ,or he will “F” up and wind up back in prison.– I go all the way back to the 70’s , when we still called ourselves “survivalist” BEFORE the “militias” ever formed . I predate the internet and III% by decades , and have seen them all come and go. If the III% has any chance as a “movement” It won’t be with “K” OR Mike.


    • A blast to the past! I remember when they called us all individualists and then survivalists!

      All III is local. The national “groups” and pundits are useful to see what else is going on in the world. It’s kind of nice to know that there are others like us. Other than that, unless they live near by, I don’t see it.


    • “…and considers his opinion to be by far of greater value than that of anyone else.’

      Kind of like some who post comments here, eh? So with your background and decades of experience in the ‘movement’, perhaps your stated opinions are more valuable, relevant, and accurate than most anyone else’s who dles not have your unique perspective. And perhaps so are Mr Vanderboegh’s as well. I believe the whole thrust of Tom Baugh’s article was that we need to do our best to put differences aside and learn to see the potential value of others’ efforts, instead of bashing people for doing things differently than we would do.

      What you refer to as ‘federal welfare money’ I presume would be Social Security, Medicare, etc. So the federal gummint stole a substantial part of our income at gunpoint over 30-50 years of our working lives, robbing us not only of the money itself but also robbing us of the opportunity to invest and grow that money somewhere else. And when we finally start getting a pittance of it back, that makes us welfare queens? The government steals our money and uses it against us, forcing us to finance our own destruction as a nation,a society, and a culture. Using one’s Social Insecurity payment to travel to events and speak out against our gangster government strikes me as delicious poetic justice. So I would not begrudge Mike, or you, or anyone else who chooses to do likewise.



  6. Well, it’s been said that it takes a real man to admit when he’s wrong. Tom really opened up and laid everything out there, and I respect him for that.


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