Is This The End?

Is this the end?

Lots of excitement the past few days.  It would be easy to sit back, claim some sort of victory and move on.

Lots of folks claiming that it’s the end of the Kerodins in the III movement, while others are claiming that it’s the end of the III movement. The former probably isn’t true, and the latter certainly doesn’t have to be true.

This blog began because of rumors and insinuations of misdeeds over at the Kerodin camp.  The Kerodins could have addressed these early on.  We are all forgiving folks, and the “mistakes were made” defense works well in our society.  Heck, they could have ignored them.

But instead they went on the attack.  Not in defense of their efforts, but to go after the credibility and very life blood of those who dared to question them.

Well, the court of III opinion has met and found them publicly guilty.  They might still have their III Empire, but it will be a mere shadow of what it was.

Part of the Kerodin effort was to turn we IIIs on ourselves.  It started with a Vanderboegh versus Kerodin fight.  You had to be loyal to him and no one else.  Then it went into the tactical trainers – you had to support his designated expert.  Then Sam’s famous “true Patriot” mantra.

And many of us believed it.  It sounded good.  It made us feel special and important.

We’ve all been betrayed by someone or something in the past.  The real pain isn’t the betrayal.  Sadly, it’s easy to feel guilty for embracing them in the first place.  The most common reaction is to remove ourselves from the cause.  To decide that Sammy was the III movement, and if he was bad, then the cause was bad.

The III movement isn’t about Sammy, or Mike, or anyone else but ourselves.  You don’t have to have any mentors, leaders, or internet gurus for you to decide that you are a III percenter.  It’s an internal belief in liberty and freedom with an acknowledgement that you will support and defend it.  It’s in your heart.

The “local, local, local” phrase really means something.  It’s nice to know that there are other folks like you throughout the country, but at the end of the day, when the troubles start, it will be you and your tribe working together to defend what is yours.

We need to spend less time trying to bond with someone across the country and more time bonding with our neighbors.  Build your tribe and make alliances with the tribe next door.  And then with the one next door to it.  Squads, Platoons, Companys.

Share your experiences, both good and bad.  What works, what’s replicateable, what is a disaster.  There is no one size fits all, but there is a lot that fits most.

At the end of the day, what happened is healthy for our movement.  We learned that no one is above the fray, and that honesty and integrity matter.  The “moral” in leadership is still relevant and useful.

I’m hoping to spend more time on this blog addressing the “how-to” of the III movement, focusing on local.  I’ve got to figure out a way to create an atmosphere to ‘cuss and discuss the how-to of stuff.  Let’s create a forum of “hands-on” how to do it.

I hope I won’t have to ever discuss the Kerodins again.


15 thoughts on “Is This The End?

  1. Is This The End?

    Probably not. Only if one judges things by honor and rationality would this be the end. However, having done business with many Hymans over the years (some of them prominent ones you’ve heard of), they must always be the smartest guy in the room. Worst case, they might pull a Samson Option and bring the whole thing down on everyone’s head. What form might that take? Use your imagination. Perhaps a tearful, “gee whiz, I had no idea how many neo-Nazi scumbags there were in the militia movement” appeal to liberal media and so on. The citizen journalist thing is a predictor here. This might take whatever form is necessary to create the largest audience and the largest victim-sympathy / hero-activist energy possible. Possibly combined with a massive outpouring of private dossiers to employers everywhere for maximum shock value. We’ll see.

    Remember, you are nothing but cattle to this kind of personality; it’s a cultural thing. As long as you allow yourself to be milked and herded, you will be treated as part of the in-group (but never with full status, always probationary, and your loyalty will be constantly tested). As soon as you turn on your master, or fail a loyalty test, however minor, you will be led to the slaughterhouse.

    You must remember that with this kind of personality, above all, double-standard and absolute truth are one and the same. There is only in-group versus out-group dynamics. Every action, statement and judgement is based upon this principle.

    This learning exercise has an enormous amount of value threaded throughout. Pay attention and you will understand much about the world beyond this petri dish.



  2. I tend to agree with Tom. I know this type well, he won’t go away without attempting to burn everything and everyone involved to the ground.

    Will it succeed? Probably not, but there will be pain.


    • I’m trying to be optimistic. The guy has a track record of name changes and moving on. That would probably be best for everyone. On the other hand, if he wanted to he could salvage what he has and just have a smaller kingdom. I don’t think his ego will allow that. This whole thing started with legitimate questions. It could have all ended early with a “mistakes were made” defense. It works all the time.

      The example with JC shows that the truth does overcome allegations. Was it a nuisance? Sure was. I just wonder who else has been intimidated in the past and didn’t have the thought that they could fight and win.

      We shall see.


  3. I certainly agree with all of the responses.

    “It’s an internal belief in liberty and freedom with an acknowledgement that you will support and defend it. It’s in your heart.”

    Well & truthfully said.


  4. The end for the III? No. A rebirth.

    A return to what it actually is.

    A call to individuals to stand. A method exchange of ideas and philosophy

    Not some cynical marketing ploy, not a mode of self aggrandizement.

    III isn’t a money machine, a power base, or a person. It’s an idea. It’s an idea that gets put forth and then is allowed to sink into the conscious and unconscious mind. It’s strength based on historical precedent. It’s a decision making process that results in advanced and though out actions.

    It’s comfort knowing what one will do in advance.

    Warm or cold, i haven’t decided yet.

    Are the K’s done? PT Barnum’s axiom is applicable here, but they seem to be ever willing to help finish themselves off.

    If they need help in doing so, so be it.


  5. It appears that the “K’s” original intent was to cause controversy throughout
    the community. Look at the running history of events, from start to finish.
    Just a couple of regime implants to bring bad light and trouble in order to
    discredit the entire resistance movement………
    And who else better to find to do so than an ex con and a con woman.


  6. Hey you know, it all begins with each of us. We are all learning this thing called liberty. We have a steep learning curve. I’m with George, nothing is so bad it isn’t good for something. So we learn from mistakes and mature from them, and grow stronger. That is how we become a plurality, a common consciousness of our freedoms and self determinations.
    That is a huge component of how we win, win our liberty. One freeman at a time and we become a movement that is undeniable. The Kerodin’s of the world will be left to wither on the vine.
    It is about our legitimacy, as individuals and as an idea.
    It is how we get there that really matters. And the only way we get there is together believe me.
    I truly believe we don’t require “leaders”, but we do need people who are leaders in thought and action who lead by example and inspiration. It is the selfless thing to do.
    And just how can you possibly be a leader of liberty to begin with? That to me is a seriously contradictory concept. For liberty is all about individualism and self determination.
    And that makes us ALL leaders in a kind of left handed sense.
    It is where we keep going wrong, throughout our history as a nation and an idea. Leaders keep getting in the way. Just look at the disruption caused by this couple, how much discord and distrust they have sown. It is akin to a fascist husband and wife who run a tiny banana republic.
    We all must change our thinking and move beyond the standards of governance and authority as we have known it. This is the crux of the Kerodins power, their self assumed “authority”, it is no different than the regimes running things in Washington and our states, it was just sugar coated with the ideals of liberty. Something which understandably taints our perceptions and ideas of how to have liberty and gain it to begin with. That is the lesson we must learn from this what has happened. It is very valuable we do this. Priceless really.
    I believe the liberty movement is maturing, it is nebulous but coalescing into something approaching a plurality, a plurality that is beginning to understand it is a plurality. And that is where the power of legitimacy and self determination lies. Its grass roots baby! A ground swell, a movement.


  7. Everybody should continue to monitor them and consider the source whenever flare ups occur. Payback aside, they can still be a valuable resource and contribute-I prefer the word exploited; his “Bitch, you’re a fan!” diatribe precluded, usefulness needs not be equated with expendability although, when the time comes, tears certainly won’t be shed and antidote should be made available to those in close quarters. His “IFF” references won’t help him either and I personally anticipate a Saddam-esque spiderhole existence shortly after kickoff.


  8. The III Percent Mission Statement: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

    Sound familiar,it’s posted at the top of Sammy’s III% Patriot page………..

    I smell hypocrisy…….


    • I’ve got the same Thomas Jefferson quote posted at the top of because of Sam K-because it’s a great quote,and it is the definition of rightful liberty.
      There were a whole lot of us who thought the III% Society for America was a great idea.
      That included the board members who resigned-J.C. Dodge from Mason-Dixon Tactical,and Tom Randall from Defensive Training Group.
      There was an attempt to implement training standards which failed due to behind the scenes manufactured bullshit that led to Max,of Max Velocity Tactical saying fuck it,leaving the III Society,and implementing his own standards with his Rifleman’s Challenge. I’m not going to get into the details of that -suffice it to say that there was,as I said some manufactured BS behind the scenes that led to Max leaving,and none of the other trainers were in the wrong.
      Which by the way is a hell of a good standard to go by as far as a person being qualified as a “rifleman”.
      Sam’s Jedburgh Academy was a great idea-except for the name. Linking a group of trainers to provide a nationwide training network is a great idea,something that should still be done-minus anyone person being in charge of the group of trainers.
      The III Percent Society for America is dead-the III% is not dead because that’s individual mindset/beliefs,it’s not being a member of a “special” group.
      George is spot on about local,local,local.
      Get your group trained up,meet other groups in your area,exchange training if you have a guy who’s an “expert” in say comms,and they have an “expert” in say reloading-both groups benefit by exchanging training in one area for training in another area.
      Doing this exchange with several groups also helps build contacts.
      Training costs money,the trainers are teaching skills that you/your group need,but it may be too expensive for all members of your group to attend training.
      You send one guy or one woman to get the training,then when they return,they an pass what they learned on to the remaining members of your group.
      Going to training courses/classes will also help you to build contacts.
      There is no leader of the III%,there is not supposed to be a leader,you or another member of your group is the leader of your group-other groups have their leaders.
      Before worrying about some nationwide leader-take care of getting your group squared away.
      There’s a whole lot more to this than guns and ammo,beans and rice. Going to the range,and shooting targets at 50 or 100 yds is NOT training,practicing SUT IS training.
      Learning advanced first aid/medical care is training.
      Learning how to feed your group when cooking in a grid down scenario without getting everyone sick because you didn’t know the proper procedures for food prep,cooking,holding the food at the right temperature before serving,or you didn’t know proper sanitation techniques is training.
      Learning how to read a topo map, and use a compass in land navigation is training.
      If you and your team are not trained to a reasonable standard of proficiency in Comms,SUT,Land Nav,Medical skills/first aid,close quarters combat,combat handgun and rifle,react to contact skills,react to ambush skills,cooking and feeding large groups of people safely,and every member of your team does not have 6 months to a year’s worth of food stored up,a means to treat water,plenty medical supplies stored up,ammo stored up for every caliber your team uses-(you should all use same caliber handgun and rifle,except for your designated marksman)- have spare parts for all your weapons,have all your vehicles in top mechanical shape,have spare parts for them,plus oil,gasoline,fuel and oil filters,spare hoses,brake lines,etc-and all needed tools-then your team is NOT squared away !
      The above is not a complete list-just a general idea of SOME of what you need to be squared away.
      Work on your team first-make contact with other teams/groups in your AO-then worry about the bigger picture.
      Just because there were “issues” with Sam and Holly Kerodin does NOT mean the Three Percent is dead-all it means is that Sam is gone as a “national leader”,and the III Percent Society for America is dead-the III Society can not recover,I don’t know what will happen with Sam Kerodin,he’s got a lot riding on the III society-so he may attempt to bring it back-doesn’t matter-worry about your team,and your AO.
      Keep it local,get training in whatever area you and your team need it.
      Train regularly,do PT-then do more PT-don’t be like the guys who’s “militia” was on the Discover channel-a bunch of poorly trained fat,out of shape clueless dolts.
      Do more PT.


  9. For many, movements such as this are akin to a religion. Some will get sucked into the ideology of a single, all-powerful leader such as the Pope (not a swipe at Catholics, just an example). The leaders actually begin to believe they are all-powerful. I personally won’t attend a religious organization with such a hierarchical structure, but I love the local church to interact with like-minded folks.

    Power truly corrupts, be it a religion, large business or national organization. Stay focused, stay local, stay nimble and build affiliations.

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  10. Out of all this I can only think ‘divide and conquer’. The feds are great at infiltrating groups and sowing dissension to neutralize a group. I expect they are hard at work in the III community and this is one
    episode they are nearly certainly involved with.


  11. It is not the end. As he so eloquently put it today:

    “Not everyone who claims to be a Patriot is one. Not everyone who claims to seek Liberty is sincere or defining the term as do others. Not everyone who claims to be III – is.”

    Now, we will no doubt be forced to read his diatribes about who is, and who isn’t a Patriot. Sounds like he’s about to use the R word in the coming rants. Wonder if he will begin with recent post on the WSRA?

    No. Of course, he won’t.


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