Words Have Meanings Part One

There have been a lot of heated discussions on the blogs in the past few months regarding the role of former active duty soldiers in the upcoming war games.  Many of the discussions were based on the Jedburgh Academy that Sam is trying to form as another revenue stream.

Some of the discussions raised the ire of folks who have organized militias around the US.

Everyone who wrote the original articles regarding the role of the soldiers was right.

Everyone who commented, defending the militias was right.

And it doesn’t matter.

We in the III community need to seriously discuss what role we see in the upcoming games.  For the sake of this discussion, let’s ignore the “names” we want to call our groups and discuss the “roles” that are envisioned.

There seem to be three schools of thought about this:

  1. Some seem to think that we will all fall in and form some sort of nationwide revolutionary army.  Sam clearly sees himself as the next unarmed George Washington.
  2. Yet others see themselves as some sort of resistance fighters in a semi-organized underground force.
  3. Some seem to think they will become some sort of home defense force protecting their neighborhood and ally with other like minded folks in a sort of community defense force.

A nationwide revolutionary army seems very unfeasible.  Despite the calls for “reestablishing rightful liberty” from many in our camps, there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on what that really means from a pragmatic standpoint.  Although rightful liberty is a subject for a different blog entry, I will proffer that reestablishing rightful liberty is a concept with no meaning seeing as I can find no time in America’s history where we really had rightful liberty as we would all attempt to define it.

Without consensus, there will be no national leader or national campaigns.

Without consensus, there will be no masses to convince and get support from.

It might happen as some reestablishment of a society evolves, but it won’t happen as part of some national effort to reform our country.

Resistance fighters may be more feasible.  Many suggest that the upcoming war games will see many of the elements of 4th generation warfare.  While we may see more of the features used against us (some would say that many of them are currently being used against us), certainly many of the tactics can apply to resistance type fighters.

Assuming that this is the idea of a Jedburgh type organization, let’s look at the feasibility of that.  Algiers Base was the American primary site for independent OSS operations in Western Europe.  Let’s look at the minimum amount of supplies that they stocked at Algiers Base:

For the Base Staff:

  • Six months of rations
  • Field equipment for 80 men
  • Equipment for a HQ, a radio station and a training school

For Forces that they planned to train (for each force they planned to train!):

  • 2000 Thompson SMGs with one million rounds
  • 1000 .38 pistols with 50,000 rounds
  • 40,000 hand grenades
  • 500 land mines
  • 2000 hunting knives
  • 1500 compasses
  • 5000 sets of boots, underclothes, shirts and slacks

For the Operational Groups

  • 300 9mm SMGs
  • 4 Bren guns with 5000 rounds
  • 500 fighting knives
  • 30000 packets of plastic explosives
  • Equipment for field radio stations (permanent and temporary)
  • 500 parachutes and jump suits

And a fully equipped training school!

And this is just a short list of major items!  The equipment for the forces they planned to train were for EACH force!  The Jedburghs not only had large amounts of supplies, they had the ability to move it and resupply their forces via airdrop.  The sheer logistics of a modern Jedburgh type organization suggests that the concept is flawed at best and an incredible waste of time at worst.

Part 2 will discuss the home defense force

8 thoughts on “Words Have Meanings Part One

  1. No one-at least outside of .gov inc. is going to re-create the Jedburgh teams at any school,training facility,or group of training facilities.
    The comparison you give is an apples and oranges thing-what the “Jedburgh Academy” is supposed to be is a group of trainers linked up with other trainers,combined with Sam’s as of now unbuilt Idaho “training facility”,with different trainers having their own areas of expertise.
    Different supply chain,different supply needs.
    Anyhow-anyone with more than 3 working brain cells knows no civilian trainer,or group of trainers can re-create Jedburgh teams via weekend/week long course offerings.
    The Allied militaries involved in WWII picked their candidates for their “Jedburgh Academy” from soldiers who were already trained.They were not starting from square one.
    These already trained soldiers then underwent an additional 6-8 months of training-all day-every day.

    I get the concept-the nationwide group of trainers with trainers in a variety of subject matter is a good idea,just like the III Society was a good idea.
    Now,it seems people aren’t too interested in the III Society.
    There’s been a lot of BS among the III community lately-not just the Sam K clusterfuck.
    There’s “III%” groups everywhere now,totally unrelated, nothing in common among the groups any more.
    Rightful Liberty is a worthy goal-getting more than a half dozen guys to agree on what constitutes Rightful Liberty is at this point in time- impossible.
    I would say your #3 is what most of us are trying to do.


    • Agree 100% on the third option.

      However I really believe that Sam is/was trying to create an organized force that he would command and control to go out and accomplish missions. Look at the rank and pay that he tried to get out of the Society. Colonel rank and pay, off the top of the dues.

      Sam’s ventures are all about ego and money. He gets frustrated that folks don’t recognize and support his greatness. Even his failures are all someone else’s fault because folks didn’t recognize his very good intentions.

      It’s another post (coming soon) but looking at his history, I think his real goal is to be politically influential. Along the lines of a Drudge, or the other bloggers that have actually made money off of their efforts. The money is secondary. The respect and power is the goal. He tried with the America527 effort. He traveled around the country for two years trying to make it with the Tea Party Folks. He was one of the approved Tea Party Examiners. It all came to naught. Then he went after the armed wing of the Tea Party (as described by the liberals) and sucked up to Mike Vanderbough to learn the ropes. When it was time, he had the huge public split and went off on his own.

      Despite the initial success, it never translated into power and money.

      Personally, I think he and Holly are already planning on their next ventures and will be gone from the III movement soon. Look at the shift in focus on his web page and his new wordpress web page.


  2. History teaches that the SOE “Jeds” OSS and almost all of the WW2 “Resistance” force multipliers were a huge waste of time, manpower and equipment. They added nothing to the downfall of the Nazis , while diverting the cream of the young leaders , trainers and “spys” into useless operations meant to fluff W.Churchhill and FDR’s already oversized egos. These were elements that would have been much better utilized in the Airborne , Ranger’s and Commando’s , but were largely squandered on what were, even then nothing more than glorified PR stunts. OH!! and one more thing; Every one of these units was the direct ancestor of the glorious police states we enjoy in England and the United Stats today. Leading in a direct line from WW2 to the CIA, NSA , MI-5 and MI-6. In my mind providing even more proof that “Kerodin”(not his real name) is an idiot .


    • Hi Ray,

      I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on both points.

      a) The special ops at the time were successful in their objectives, which was to shape the post-war environment for the benefit of special interests, some of which had no specific national loyalty (at that time). The fact that those resources could have been otherwise spent to save the lives of more lance corporals is completely irrelevant to those objectives.

      b) The construct in question isn’t even close to an idiot. To the contrary, over the years this operation has been spectacularly successful at achieving most, if not all, of its objectives. Some of my first words at Mercer were that it had “played an important role”. I continue to stand behind those words.

      By that token, the use of that name for the next part of its operation couldn’t be more appropriate.

      As far as the original article goes, #3 (community protection) is the rightful and necessary role of contemporary militias. This is why globalists have to work so hard to discredit, divide, and thwart the militias at every step using every means at their disposal. It’s a cultural thing; they have centuries of practice at creating chaos and do it so effortlessly as you and I might smile at a giggling baby. If you analyze their behavior based on ideas such as rationality and the common good, or even just raw selfish individual fiscal interest, you will always be several steps behind and licking your wounds.



    • Working on it. It’s turning into a bigger challenge. I could just talk about it, but I want to include some examples too. Challenge as always is to make the point without being too long or wordy.


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