Time for Sam to Look in the Mirror

Sam is on the attack!  He’s throwing around words like “social justice warrior” and “Alinsky” pretty freely lately.  He’s now declared that those who have the audacity to question him are Social Justice Warriors.  He goes on attack to state that those very same people are using Alinsky-esque tactics.

The strong intimation is that those who would dare to question the self-proclaimed III Emperor are enemies of patriotism in general and specifically, the III community.

As is so often the case with Sam, this is all about him. 

This self-centered egomaniac wants his readers to believe that the III community and America will somehow disintegrate if he isn’t at the forefront of salvation; that attacks on him are attacks on them and their cause.

In his haste to make his declarations, it appears that he has decided to use popular words and sayings without really understanding what they mean.

Along the way, he’s failed to realize that he is what he claims to hate so much.

I did a little research to determine what a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) really is.  Most supporters and critics are quick to note that the true definition of SJW is up for debate.

Let’s look at some of the tenets and see who they really apply to.

SJW Tenet # 1 – SJW’s do not view all humans as equal

Their ultimate goal is to silence all speech that they don’t like and which they find offensive, while also punishing the speech offender

A sample of how Kerodin views humans from his blog entries reveals:

“He needs to do his part for humanity and die already. Mike, this is for you, fucktard: If I EVER decide to come at you with a projectile, I will walk up to your cancer-ridden walking corpse and push the bullet into you and through your puss-laden, seeping, oozing carcass with my fingers, you disgusting, useless fuck.”

“Target the enemy at every opportunity. Hit them wherever they show themselves vulnerable. Play as dirty as your conscience will permit. Undermine them, sabotage them, and discredit them. Be ruthless and show them absolutely no mercy.”

SJW Tenet # 2 – They believe consensus is more important than objectivity

SJW’s do not believe in objectivity. Instead, speech and ideas must be viewed relatively depending on the source and its intended audience.

The lack of such objectivity in SJWism is by design. It’s borrowed from Cultural Marxist thought, which argues that objectivity and the idea of right or wrong is less important than consensus. The reason is that consensus can be easily accomplished by controlling the narrative. If one can manufacture consensus by controlling this narrative by swiftly eliminating speech which goes against what “should” be believed, specific beliefs can be held even if they go against proven thought or basic rationale.

A sample of Kerodin’s concept of inclusion.  “He’ll” decide who is worthy.

“I have a place for any and every serious Patriot, regardless of your skills, age, physical condition.”

“several serious III Patriots will be able to field-test the rig”

SJW Tenet # 3 – The messenger is more important than the message

A big chunk of their methods are based on subjective feeling and perceived value of the parties involved. A statement or idea in isolation is not enough for them to come to a conclusion on the acceptability of a statement. Social status, group membership, etc., decide if you are truthful or valuable.

Let’s see some of the folks who Kerodin immediately discounts merely because of their membership in some group:

“In every experience to date – from III Arms to the III Society, the introduction of .Gov employees brings a mentality into the project that is simply not conducive to accomplishing anything beneficial for Liberty.  Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feel-bads – but working for .Gov. . . is automatic inclusion in the Free Shit Army.”

“I have held since I was about 18 that the longer someone spends in college or at University, the dumber they get. The same holds for the “Specialists” in the world. They get so wrapped-up in their ‘expertise’ that reality becomes a distant notion. Humans are not meant to be ‘Specialists’ – not at the exclusion of basics. Ever met a brain surgeon who can change a flat tire? Cue your Heinlein.”

SJW Tenet # 4 – SJW’s are human label machines

If censorship is not an option, SJW’s attempt to destroy the reputation of the speech offender

Let’s see how Kerodin attempts to destroy reputations:

“I have found it is impossible to work up any passion for this post.  I’ve been here so many times with so many of Life’s Losers”

“He’s been in rough financial shape for years, which he openly shared on his blog.  Here’s where the worm turned, apparently – after years of writing about the losers and genetic waste that make up the Free Shit Army.  Can you imagine having to look in the mirror every morning, knowing that you are now one of the parasites you so often condemn? “

SJW Tenet # 5 – Unwilling to engage in open debate

Another feature of the SJW is their total unwillingness to engage in a civilized one-on-one debate

Unable to take criticism or consider factual evidence, a lone SJW will respond by engaging in one of numerous argumentative fallacies.

These tactics are used to buy time before fading back into the power and safety of the group.

Let’s see how Kerodin avoids taking criticism and considering factual advice:

“The rest is just noise – the noise made by Life’s Losers who know only how to destroy, not build or succeed.”

“Take them down and take them out without hesitation.”

“I haven’t bothered reading anything coming from the III FSA and Loser’s Corner  No need to send me any updates – unless you see something that crosses the line into libel – such as accusing me of a crime.  Until then, just let them pull their puds.”

So, my question is, Who is the Social Justice Warrior in this fight? The examples listed above are just a tiny minority of the many out there.  I didn’t even include his famous, “we’ll sue you” statements because they are so silly.

We’ll end this one with a famous quote from Sam:  “Confide only in yourself, and even when talking to yourself, lie and misdirect”  Who knew that he really meant it!


8 thoughts on “Time for Sam to Look in the Mirror

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. This is why I have always suspected that Kerodin had someone pulling his strings. These kinds of attacks are always pulled from an organization’s playbook. His divide and conquer crap was too well orchestrated from the start, and let’s face it, Kerodin is not smart enough to pull something like that alone. Wench magazine, post-911 extortion scam, SBR conviction, the countless III brand micro scams, et. al. is plenty evidence of that.

    How a Gecko45-esque mall ninja of no particular credentials or experience received such an internet standing and recognition with a community of serious patriots is beyond my fathoming.


    • Most of us are too good for our own good. We see the good in people the way we want them to be, not always the way they really are. Sam filled a void that Mike created with his “leaderless” resistance. The Internet helped. For many folks it’s easier to make “friends” with someone they will never meet online than it is to go talk to their next door neighbors. He offered a dream. He took his fantasy/romance books and put a III label on them.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Perhaps it was human nature to support the loudest mouth in the room. The way I heard it was that Holly is the one that wears the balls in that relationship and hence he does not do anything without her express approval. Well, we are all certainly the wiser now that lots of folks are coming out with the truth.


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