Hurricane Season in Idaho

Terabytes and terabytes of emails, conversations and meetings all saved up for a rainy day.  Well, it’s hurricane season in Idaho.

We wrote about the attacks on Jim Miller, and wondered why he was one of those singled out.  We offered our own ideas on why, but warned everyone that the Kerodins better hope that Miller didn’t keep good records.

Well, today we find out that Miller kept better records than the NSA!

I’ll let the reader go to Miller’s page and wade through the link after link of records, bank statements and emails to see the enormity of the Kerodin dealings. We’ll just share some of the salient points.

The paper trail clearly shows how those multiple Kerodin companies that we revealed bought guns for the Idaho III Arms, to include a Bourne Legacy Vanquish sniper rifle!  Not sure why Holly felt the need to have a Bourne Sniper Rifle, but she used some of the funds to buy one.

Miller tells and shows an unbelievable tale wheeling and dealing by the Kerodins with many players and the all so important cash paper trail! Our worst fears of comingled monies from many of the various Kerodin companies appears to be true.

Miller has been under the threat of legal action from the Kerodins, so a lot of the “juicier” stuff is left off of Miller’s blog.

Nonetheless, with what he does share, you’ve got to wonder what they were thinking when they attacked Miller so hard. Obviously they all broke up and decided to go their own ways. Bygones could have been bygones.

The personal and professional attacks were clearly an attempt to destroy an individual so that they could further their own new goals. What kind of character does that show when you have to try and destroy folks rather than just breaking up? It wasn’t that Miller had hurt the Kerodins. It was that Miller hurt their cash flow by stopping III Arms. It’s always the money.

We kind of hope the legal action happens. We can’t wait for the discovery.

Take a look at Miller’s blog.  Save the link and read at your leisure.  There’s a lot of stuff!


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