It Doesn’t Have to be the End

Some folks are questioning why this blog exists.

Based on some of the feedback, some folks are questioning motivations and suggesting that the blog is trying to destroy the Kerodins (with an inference that this will destroy the III movement).

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re not politicians of any stripe.  We are 3% ‘ers.  When we started to see the back and forth stuff, we hoped that ultimately this would make the movement stronger.  Blindly following anyone or anything does not serve our cause.  We’re all human and we all make mistakes.

We have no dog in this fight for any one individual, merely the cause.  We made no judgments as to the veracity of the complainers, or those being attacked.

The concerns were initiated by JC and Kenny on their blogs.  With their actual records of being on the Board, they certainly had credibility.  It doesn’t mean that how they interpreted it was correct, merely that they saw something that was perplexing.

The responses were disappointing:

Personal attacks on those who might question anything

Professional attacks on those who might question anything.

Attacks questioning how folks benefit from questioning anything

Attacks against folks who weren’t even part of the original questioning

Lawsuits threatened

Essentially right out of the Clinton playbook – attack and divert.

The objections are raised:

“don’t you realize that LLCs are the most common business types for small businesses?”

“If you buy something from Kerodin, what you deserve to know stops there. The transaction is for the product being sold, not for you to know what happens to the money afterwards”

And that’s pretty much the point.

The Kerodins strongly state that this is all about the 3 movement.  “The cause” their defenders like to claim.  Although never explicitly stated, the intimation is pretty strong that everything sold, every venture, every company, you name it, it all supports the 3 cause.

Maybe it does.  There is nothing wrong with running a business.  Catering to the 3 movement isn’t a bad thing in and of itself.

Certainly the folks that write comments on his blog don’t seem to think so.  Nor do they think they should.  It might all be ok, but appearances mean a lot.

Unanswered questions lead to more questions and more doubt.

Attacks on those who raise the questions lead to more skepticism.

Threats of lawsuits lead to folks looking forward to discovery.

For the purported leader of some of the 3 types, “He who must not be questioned” this is an inappropriate response to criticism.  There could be lots of very legitimate and reasonable reasons for what some folks see differently.  Perhaps a “mistakes were made” followed by some restructuring of the various pieces would be appropriate.

Certainly the defenders have created lots of moving pieces and initiatives.  Much of it may be useful and productive to some 3’s.   No one can question that lots of stuff has been started.

Maybe though in the hustle and bustle of getting as much going as possible, some feelings were hurt, folks got rubbed the wrong way, some corners cut, who knows.  Perhaps now that there are lots of moving pieces it might be time to take a deep breath and reexamine where we are, how we got there, and make some legitimate changes to keep things going in the right direction.

Disagreements over some of the items and features are a sign of a healthy organization, not some evil plot.  3% is a small enough number to begin with.  Let’s figure out what we have in common and adjust from there.  We can’t afford to alienate any of our group.  Agreeing to disagree sometimes is a healthy thing.

At the end of the day we all agree on more things than we disagree on.  We 3% types are lovers of liberty, not a group of sycophants with blind allegiance to some leader.  Encourage discussion.  Appearances are everything.  Let’s practice what we all claim to aspire to.

Cui Bono


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