Why Miller and Why Now

Why Miller and Why Now

The attacks by the Kerodins centered on five people:

Kenny Lane

JC Dodge

Mike Vanderbough

Jim Miller

Sam Culper

Kenny and JC were the first to question the fiscal management of the III% Society.  They did it on both their own web blog Knuckledraggin (Kenny) and Mason Dixon Tactical (JC) and via comments on the Western Rifle Shooters Association web blog.

Ok, that makes sense that his rebuttal against them would be personal and professional attacks on them.

The bad blood between Mike Vanderbough and the Kerodins goes back years.  A simple search of Mike’s Sipsey Street Irregulars web blog or any of the various Kerodin web blogs will show many disparaging back and forth comments.

The attack on Jim Miller was perhaps a little less expected.  As recently as at a board meeting of the III% Society, Kerodin was singing Jim Miller’s praises.  “Jim Miller went into his retirement and personal savings (deeply) to keep III Arms going especially when parts prices went through the roof post-Sandy Hook.”

Miller broke off with the Kerodins over a serious of personal disagreements.  Sam can’t have anything to do with guns and of course Holly doesn’t know how to manufacture guns.  Miller leaving left a big hole in the III conglomerate.  A hole that needed to be filled.

III Arms didn’t just open one day with the Kerodin’s deep pockets.  They solicited for and came up with founders who supplied cash to get the venture up and running.  Unlike any other venture they started, they had to produce guns.

Holly’s greatest fear was that the founders would ask for their money back if they didn’t produce guns.

Oddly enough, III Arms (the one owned by the Kerodins) never had any equipment to produce/manufacture guns!  Jim Miller had created a company with his own money to produce the guns for III Arms.  With all of the founders money collected a small amount was paid to Miller for the first two guns.  The rest of the expenses for Miller came out of his pocket.

So, with Miller gone, they had to find someone else to produce the guns.  In the early days before Miller got his FFL, III Arms actually contracted with a number of manufacturers to make the III Arms weapons.  They burned those bridges through over promising and under buying.

In the search for someone to make the guns for III Arms, they had to fear that someone would contact Miller to ask why he stopped.  In order to insure that folks either wouldn’t check or wouldn’t believe what Miller said they had to enter into the politics of destruction.

Destruction is a two way street.  The Kerodins are working on the notion that they have enough “dirt” on Miller to get him down and keep him down.  They are counting on Miller not having enough “dirt” on them.

It should be fun to watch.

In the next blog entry, we’ll discuss, “Why Culper and Why Now”

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