Who Benefits Part 2

The latest attempt at an attack by Sam & Holly is entitled, “cui bono”, with the strong inference that those who are questioning their financial dealings somehow have something to gain.  This is obviously a Freudian slip on their part, because according to the Oxford Dictionary, the complete definition of “cui bono” is, who stands or stood to gain from a crime and so might have been responsible for it!

First used by Roman consul, Lucius Cassius, most of today’s writers say that the modern phrase would be, “follow the money.”

We examined just some of the businesses that they own.  Understand folks, they own them.

Not any of us IIIs.  Not friends,  No one except the Kerodins.  And they are all LLCs, so it is all counted as personal income as far as the tax collectors are concerned.

All of the donors send them money, but they don’t own a thing.  The Kerodins could close down every one of them tomorrow, take all of the money out of the banks, and other than feeling butt hurt, there is nothing anyone could do about it.

Time for the reader to decide…….“cui bono”

Who benefits, or

Who stands or stood to gain from a crime

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