Hello world!

Blogging isn’t easy.  I like to consider myself a III.  I’m very concerned with what I see going on right now in the III movement.

The attacks by some on the Kerodin empire may or may not be legit.

It appears that the attackers are upset with what they perceive to be money mismanagement by Sam and Holly Kerodin.  This originally was mismanagement within the III% Society.

Now, JC Dodge and Kenny Lane and Jim Miller have some insight that none of us have.  JC and Kenny were actually on the original Board of Directors of the III% Society and Jim Miller as the head of III Arms at the time was an insider.  This certainly makes it difficult for an outsider to immediately ignore the complaints.

Sam’s responses have been very Clintonesque.

First, attack the attackers.  Question their motivations and question their personal lives.

Second, appear to give in to the demands.  Announce an audit.  Be VERY specific in what you say, so folks can’t accuse you of lying later.

Third, attack the attackers.  Come up with all of the hot button names to call them.

Like many folks, I find personal attacks foolish.  They are clearly diversions from what’s really going on.  But they work, so people do it.

I’ve been “trained” by the Clintons to see the “very specific” responses for what they are.  Diversions from what’s really going on.  You know they are hoping you’ll never see the enormity of the problem, so they only answer exactly what you ask for.


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