Group Identify

It seems pretty easy to dislike groups of folks.

The evil 1% rich folks. The poor who live off the backs of the workers.

Democrats are the anti-christ. Republicans are traitors.

It’s the blacks, whites, Muslims, Jews, Hispanics, gays, Christians, atheists, Chinese, Russians, commies, you name it.

The list goes on and on. There are books, movies, blogs and entire organizations dedicated to supporting or attacking groups.

It’s a tool. A tool by those who use it to distract us from what’s really happening and from what the agenda really is.

Most of us are quick to claim that “big gov” is evil and that there is a mindless, faceless bureaucracy that controls our country.

Sorry folks, it’s not a machine, it’s people. The IRS for example might be evil, but Lois Lerner was a criminal.

It wasn’t an evil machine that allowed the San Bernadino killers into the US. It was actual individuals who screwed up and allowed this woman in our country.

It wasn’t the Democrats who did Fast and Furious. It was specific people who planned it and executed it.

How many of us can name any of the leaders of ISIS?

Recently there have been some ugly comments addressing hatred of all .gov workers, all LE employees, and all .mil employees.

I can understand Sammy’s hatred of these three groups. The first group governed over his incarceration, the second group actually busted him, and the third group let him go during basic training for “health issues” that he had lied about during the recruitment process.

But, we need not fall for the trap. Some individuals are evil and some individuals are good.

Folks who paint entire groups of folks as evil are trying to play us. We’re a country of individuals despite the best efforts of the communitarians who want us to be a country of groups.

If we’re going to win this battle, we need to identify our enemies as individuals, not as a group. Target the ones who actually commit the evil acts.  Putting a name and face on evil is the beginning to overcoming it.



Fearmongering Clarity

The latest post got the most hits of any other post, but I believe the points I was trying to make were not as clear as they should have been

So, some clarity.

If we did a survey, every one of us could identify ten threats to us in less than an hour. If we added them all up, we could probably come up with hundreds and hundreds of unique threats.

Point 1:  If we had a magic wand and eliminated all of those threats today, hundreds and hundreds more would appear tomorrow.

Point 2:  At the end of the day, most if not all of the threats that face us are a result of “big government”.  Federal mostly, but not completely.

Point 3:  There are elites out there that want us to concentrate on these threats.  It causes folks to take their “eyes off the prize” so to say.  Each threat is a tactical fight that causes us to ignore the strategic fight.  Fighting each “threat” is like fighting a war.  You can win the tactical battles, but until you win the strategic battle, you’ll never win.

Point 4:  Lots of folks like big government.  Even some of our commenter’s like some part of big government (military, etc.)

Point 5:  There are folks that want some of these crisis’s to come to fruition.  On both sides.

Point 6:  There is no short term political solution to fixing big government on the federal level.  There may be some solutions at the state and local level, but probably only in making big government, medium government.

Point 7:  We didn’t get in this mess since Obama got elected.  We’ve been going down this path for almost 100 years.  It will take at least that long to fix it, once we decide to fix it.

Point 8:  We have two choices when the threats come to fruition:  Survive or Die.  There are two kinds of survival:  subsistence living, or restoration of a just and civil society living.  It’s completely up to you and your family.  It won’t be easy and it won’t be certain.  I never suggested that it was.

Point 9:  Our hope is in the notion of preparing.

Educate your family.

Learn to do things.

Get some training.

JC is the go-to guy for real and relevant tactical training. Culper is the brightest local intel guy I know of.  There are plenty of medical training sites out there.  There are plenty of food prep sites out there.  Learn to build things with your hands.  Community colleges are great resources.  Learn to weld.  Learn basic carpentry skills. Comms is a lot more than talking and listening.  Repairing vehicles and weapons is a useful skill  You’ll get better with practice, but for now knowing the basics is important.

Everyone doesn’t have to know how to do everything. Family and tribe should be able to learn different things that complement each other.

Embrace folks in your community that are not disruptive to your goals. You don’t have to be a Mormon to recognize their strengths in preparing.  You don’t have to be a Baptist to recognize their strong faith.  Protestants versus Catholics has been a stupid struggle for centuries.  It’s us versus big gov.

Point 10:  The struggle for the hearts and minds of America are between those who ascribe to Communitarianism (look it up) and those of us who don’t.  They have a head start!  And they have the schools and media on their side.  Use their methods against them.  Social “norming” is their method to get people to embrace things that they usually don’t like.  Ok, get folks exposed to you.  We’re not the evil ogres that folks paint us as.

Point 11:  We all need to define our goals.  As much as I love our Country, my personal goals are:

  1. Family
    1. Wife
    2. Children
    3. Grandchildren
    4. Employees
  2. Extended family (friends/colleagues)
  3. Neighbors/Tribe
  4. Local Community

I can influence family. I can help the extended family. I can collaborate with the neighbors/tribe. If I have extra time, I can liaise with the local community. There isn’t much more that I can influence at the current time.

Not that it really matters, but here are some reliable sources for how many aircraft carriers exist in the world!

End Time Fearmongoring

There are a lot of blogs and pundits talking about the end of America as we know it.

The arguments center around

  1. The economy is going to go bust and America will go bankrupt
  2. The US won’t be a superpower anymore if the world goes off the dollar standard
  3. The 35-50% of people on the government dole will become violent once the economy tanks
  4. ISIS wants to take over the world

It’s all BS to distract folks from what’s important at best, and to be demoralizing at worst.

I’m working from the assumption that my readers are working hard at accumulating their preps.

Guns and ammo? Check.

Food supplies to last one year? Check.

Advanced medical supplies? Check.

Sources of water to last you forever? Check.

Knowledge? Check.

Training? Check.

If you have the preps taken care of, how will the US Government going bankrupt destroy your life? Impossible.  Yes, things will be very different and difficult.  But you won’t die.  With the size of the economy, even if the US defaults on all of its debt, foreign countries will be trading with us within six months.

How will your life change if the US is no longer a superpower? Heck, it might get better.  According to CNN, we have a military presence in almost 150 countries!  Navy floating around far away from our borders.  Bring them home and not only will we be more secure, we’ll save trillions of dollars.

The zombie apocalypse won’t last long. In the absence of food, water, EBT cards, welfare and disability checks, most of them will be dead in less than a month.  The challenge will be handling mass graves, not in fighting the hordes.

ISIS wants to take over the world? So what?  I want a lot of things.  Wishing for something is not the same thing as being able to do something about it.  ISIS has no navy and no air force.  They have no ballistic missiles.  Let them fight it out amongst themselves.  The Middle East has long fought between Shias, Sunnis and Persians.  They are a tribal people who only belong to a “country” because of the western notion of artificially creating states.  Let them fight it out.

Heck, if we brought our military home, then we could secure our four borders.

There is an old saying about history. There are two notions of what happened, conspiracy or fuckup.  While there is a lot to say about screwing up, I put a lot of credence into the concept of conspiracy.

The best way to analyze these four scenarios is from the side of: “who benefits.”

With the crony capitalism of our federal government, lots of very rich folks are getting richer. During the last “great” depression, lots of the very rich became much richer, as they were the only ones with money and could buy lots of fixed assets like land and factories.  The same thing would happen again.  There is no incentive for the very rich to get rid of our high spending and high deficit.

Similarly, only the crony capitalists gain by spending to stay a superpower. Trillions of dollars spent on weapons systems that aren’t even that good.  The F-35 is a perfect example.  The US has 20 aircraft carriers.  The rest of the world combined has 12.  Russia has one.  China has one.  How would your life change if we weren’t a superpower?  I’d suggest our lives would change for the good.

Unlike what we see on TV of the zombie apocalypse, the non producers in this country won’t exist after they die. Once there is nothing to steal, no money left to buy anything, and they have no food, water, fuel, etc., they will die.  Politicians only spend money on the non-producers because they need votes.  If martial law is declared and there are no more elections, they won’t be spending any money on them.  Almost half of America will cease to exist.  Rich folks win.

The ISIS threat is overplayed because it makes people money. We funded ISIS and continue to fund and supply them.  Heck, the guns used in Paris have been tied to the CIA, in a flashback to the Fast and Furious debacle.  Military contractors win big when we create a new military threat.  Those who despise individual liberty love it when they can convince us that we need to give up more liberty for the illusion of security.

In the words of Fred Reed, “It is interesting to remember that terrorism is not bad for everybody. For the Pentagon, Nine-Eleven was a windfall, providing wars and new drones; for NSA, a massive expansion in its powers; for Israel and AIPAC, the destruction of Israel’s arch-enemy, Iraq; for the arms manufacturers, hundreds of billions; for the federal government in general, near-dictatorship and, for jihadists, the involvement of the US in crippling and endless wars. Which is what they wanted. Everybody profited except the American public.”

In summation, ignore the threat mongers.

Continue to do your preps.

How much to have is a question that can’t be answered.  Some is better than none.  You can’t have too much.  Once you think you have enough, continue to get more.  Help friends and family.  The basics of food, training, knowledge are kind of like guns and bullets.  You never really have enough.

It’s all local.


Why Do We Need a III King

As the Kerodin debacle evolves, events seemed to unfold in a bizarre matter.

Questions were raised.  Counterattacks were launched.  Facts seemed to come out in three to five round bursts from some very unlikely sources.  More counterattacks.  More facts.  Dirty tricks were launched to try and get a III fired from his job, and then the bizarre law suit against Kenny.  In the height of hypocrisy, Sammy, who has blogged that  “Racism, defined as judging the individual based on the color of his skin rather than his behavior… The term ‘racist’ cannot be applied to anyone for any reason – not in a world where Intellectual Honesty is part of the equation.  There can be no such thing as racism in America.”  had his wife sue Kenny for being racist against her.

Despite Sammy posting pictures of Holly executing CQB techniques and posting, “You must escape from two of the biggest, strongest guys in the class.” “Holly executes these techniques on me with ease.” – somehow Holly is scared of a guy who lives in California!

The good news is that folks eventually seem to get what they deserve.  Sam and Holly seem to have been tried in the III court and have been found wanting.  It’s been gratifying to see that there still is logic and reason in America.  Many of Sam’s old allies have declared that they’ve broken ties with the Kerodins.  Some of them did it visibly with removals of links and cross posts from web pages.  Others oddly enough have said they’ve broken contact, but their sites are still advertised on Sammy pages.

It’s disappointing to see folks still defend the Kerodins.  I can understand that you might still like them; I like many folks that I disagree vehemently with.  But to still defend their actions seems to be a total breakdown in reading comprehension skills.  Logic and reason running amuck.

Two things really concern me though.  The first is the argument that if you don’t support the Kerodins, you have to support MBV.    Even before the Kerodin debacle came to light, it would have been fine to support both or neither one of them.  The III movement is in your heart, not on someone’s web page.

The bigger question is why we think we need to have any III king.

Do we want or even need some sort of III spokesman?

I’m not certain that there is a commonly accepted definition of this movement that a spokesman could possible speak for all of us.  We have folks that are preparedness gurus, political strategists, tactical geniuses, medical professionals, etc.  I’d proffer that there are numerous spokesmen that speak to what they are good at.

Do we want or even need some sort of III leader?

Many talk about the concept of “rightful liberty”, but again, the definitions are not commonly accepted and the desired end state is rarely defined.

If we want a leader, what would we expect them to know what to do?

Sammy himself tells folks that he doesn’t have the tactical skills, the communications skills, the medical skills, you name it.

MBV himself would be the first to deny that he is the leader of the III movement.  He goes so far as to explain that there shouldn’t be any such thing.

So, what of a III king?  The king is you.

The III movement needs and really has hundreds of thousands of kings.  The very fact that you have the III in your heart, establishes that you desire something better of our society and our country.

Years before we were called the IIIs, we were the survivalists.  Before that we were the “rugged individualists”.

We need to return to our roots and embrace self reliance.  We’re Americans, by God!  How many of us are guilty of these?  The faucet leaks? Call the plumber. The car makes funny noises?  Go to a mechanic. Someone is sneaking around your house at night?  Call a cop. A porch light stops working?  Call the electrician. You saw a mouse?  Call a psychiatrist. Self-defense?   Dear God, no.

We are the ones that need to demonstrate mental toughness.  Mental fitness is so much more valuable than physical fitness.

We all need more.  More skills, more training, more information, more everything.  But we’re going to the battle with the most important skill, and it’s between our ears.

No army has ever gone on the battlefield with everything they thought they needed.  Better prepared, trained and equipped armies often lose.  Inferior forces often win.

Our goal in what we can call peacetime, is to learn and prepare.  Find the subject matter experts and learn what you can and make alliances with folks that are subject matter experts in things you don’t know.  Train your families.  Educate your children and grandchildren.  Be the III pillar in your family and community.

Kerodins take Kenny to Court

I’m merely sharing the post.  I have no comments on it.  It is “just the facts”.  Thought folks should know.

“Okay, I just spent my entire day in court. I was served a notice for a hearing for a restraining order and a civil lawsuit from the Kerodins about 3 weeks ago.

 I do feel the hearing went well for me. I had good representation, I gave my answers clearly and half-assed intelligently and the judge was taking lots of notes. My attorney cost me money I didn’t have but I refuse to walk into a courtroom without one. That’s like going brown bear hunting without a weapon.
I’m not going to say anything more about it because the judge won’t reach his decision on the restraining order until the 16th. I go to court on the civil lawsuit in January.

I’ve turned the comments off for this post and I’m also not going to publish any comments about this anywhere on the blog for obvious reasons so don’t waste your time trying. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in kind of a shitty mood. I think I’m going to have a beer.”


Words have meanings. Part Two

In part one (please read first if you haven’t already), we discuss the “roles” of the III Community vice the “names” that are commonly used to call ourselves.

We discussed the notion of a nationwide revolutionary army and some sort of resistance fighters.  In part two we’ll discuss some sort of home defense force (remember part one – call it what you want to, but at the end of the day functions and missions are what’s important, not the name).

Your local area has to be the base of anything else that you plan to do.  Your local area should afford you many advantages over your opponents.

First off, people should know each other.  If they don’t know you and you don’t know them, then you have some work to do.  Start building your tribe.

We in the III movement usually start from the premise that we will find a bunch of III type folks and form our tribe.  If you are lucky enough to have a group of like-minded IIIs living in your neighborhood then you’ve got it made.

Most of us don’t though, and that’s where tribe building runs into its first obstacle.  When we can’t find enough IIIs, we don’t bother starting a tribe.

We need to build and train our own tribe!

One of the best ways to create a tribe is incrementally.  If you start recruiting without building a bond and creating a common sense of interest, at best you will fail.  At worst they’ll think you are crazy and call the police on you.

I think a home defense force should be the model.  Starting with a community watch is the best way to build towards a home defense force.

Organizing a community watch first allows for some great opportunities.  Most folks see it as harmless and don’t feel threatened.  You’ll be able to implement some things without a lot of discussion.  You’ll find out quickly who wants to work and who just wants to be on the team.

Unless you’ve had some increases in crime in your neighborhood, you might not be able to organize it from the beginning.  No problem; develop something that everyone (or the majority) can agree is useful.  Building a coalition of folks who can agree on something is a great start.  It can be a political cause, your local volunteer fire department, or even a high school sports team booster club, the local FFA, etc.

A social setting is a great place to start building the coalition.  Obviously the exact “what” of a social setting depends on your local situation, but you need to find something that you all have in common in order to start.  It could be farming, hunting, fishing, military experience, you name it.

Once you’ve all built up some sort of bond, the evolution to a community watch should be simpler.  With a community watch in place it will be the time to start talking about the upcoming troubles and what can be done to make your selves more resistant to the problems.  If you’ve done the initial preps correctly, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what skills your neighbors have.

Everyone can have a role in your home defense force.  As you develop your potential roster of folks start assigning folks to different categories.

You’ll need:

  1. Armed security folks
    1. Internal defense – capable of defending the perimeter both mounted and dismounted. Older folks and even children can be useful in this role.
    2. External defense – capable of responding to threats inside and outside the perimeter; capable of short distance recon along avenues of approach and potential threats. Generally higher skilled and requires a higher degree of physical fitness.
  2. Logistics
    1. Communications/Intel – Monitoring local, regional and nationwide news. At a basic level, it’s monitoring radio nets (internal and external) and goes all the way up to more advanced HF radio comms
    2. Food and field sanitation – Procuring, preparing and distributing food supplies.
    3. Medical
      1. Routine
      2. First Aid
      3. Emergency
    4. Vehicle maintenance
    5. Weapon maintenance
    6. Resupply folks

As you analyze your neighbor’s skills, I recommend a three tier grading system:

A – Has a mastery of the skills required and likes doing

B – Likes the skills required; less than mastery skill level

C – Doesn’t like the skill and doesn’t want to do it

As your force develops, you’ll be able to fine-tune these first assessments.

Folks with multiple mastery level skills will have to be utilized in the most critical one.  Folks in the B category will have to be analyzed to see if getting them to mastery level requires skills training and/or equipment.  Folks that can’t be trained for anything will have to be utilized in some role that requires little skill.  It might be a function of age, intellect, etc.  Nonetheless, everyone can do something.

The one skill that I haven’t talked about yet is leadership.  If you are doing the organizing, you’ll be the original leader.  At this point in the process, your organizational skills will be the major requirement.  You’ll be expected to be able to “massage” egos and come up with a consensus on overall goals and standards.  At this point a moral compass on what you expect the end state to look like if this force is needed is critical.

Now is the time to discuss racial, religious and other social differences.  A liberty outcome means liberty for all who will embrace it.  If you have folks that don’t like a particular race, religion or other social difference, sorting it out when things go bad would be  virtually impossible.

The prize is freedom.  You’ll have to be the beacon of liberty.

As the tribe continues to grow, there may come a point where organizational skills get eclipsed by other concerns.  People may gravitate to the leadership of the armed part of your group.  It may be a logistician.  Now is the time for you to recognize that Liberty is the goal, not your ego.  The tribe will evolve to the leadership it needs during whatever current crisis is being faced.  Remember that Winston Churchill did not win reelection after WWII was over!

Once you have your group of folks, you need to figure out how to hone them into an efficient force!  Your force could be as small as 10 and as large as 50.  Now you get to organize them into a team.

You need to have some basics that everyone is capable of performing.  In an ideal world the leadership of each of the sub-groups would have a primary and secondary leader.

In the next part, we’ll look at each of the categories and start establishing a skills hierarchy of basic skills, all the way up to master level.

My Kerodin Mea Culpas: III Arms and Others

I’ve read a lot of Tom Baugh’s blog comments over the years.  Certainly read a lot about him on other blogs!  He’s no stranger to folks in the III movement.

You can like him or dislike him, but no one can argue that what he writes is thought-provoking, and unlike so many other sites discusses issues vice personalities.

Those who’ve read this blog have been able to read some well thought-out comments to our posts.

Tom approached us this past weekend as asked if we wanted to post an important article that he put together.  I read it and was impressed with both the factual background of some events that I’d been led to believe were very different that Tom reports, and by the humility of Tom in pointing out some things that he wished he’d done differently.

Here is the lead in:

“Back in 2012, the idea of liberty-oriented get-togethers, or PATCONs, short for Patriot Conventions, was taking off. TL Davis had issued an open invitation to attend his Liberty Summit in Mercer, Pennsylvania, which was intended to be a Mother-Of-All-PATCONs. Earlier that year, TL attended our Georgia PATCON, where all of us bounced a lot of ideas around. When the Liberty Summit rolled around, since no one else from Georgia was going, I decided to go, bringing some of those ideas to share with the larger group.

Some of those ideas were controversial, but were intended to be discussed in an open forum among friends face-to-face to determine the best way forward. TL asked me if I wanted some time to speak, and I asked for an hour to try to compress into that time some of the complex ideas we had discussed at the Georgia PATCON over a two-day session. I also took some time to vent my own personal frustration of what had happened to the country I had fought for, and shouted “we see you” to the surrounding hills as an expression that those who were destroying our nation could not hide in the shadows. Having vented myself, I turned to my list of hastily prepared notes outlining our concepts.

One such idea was that ongoing feuds, such as the one between Kerodin and Vanderboegh, need not be destructive, but instead could become instructive. By the various sites highlighting the differences between various positions (all positions, not just theirs) and letting newbies decide for themselves which was more appealing, they would, in effect, “vote” for any given position by continuing to patronize various sites. And, by crosslinking between sites in an organized way, not just based on buddy-of-the-day arrangements, newbies could navigate from interest area to interest area as their understanding of the problem evolved.”

Here is the whole thing: